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Weeknight-Easy Yeast Rolls

Mixed Like Muffins. No Kneading, No Rise Time. How to put what tastes like hot yeast bread on the table in 40 minutes? Without kneading? Without waiting for the dough to rise? Here's how. Mix a batch of muffins leavened with both baking powder (for rising) and yeast (for that distinctive yeast flavor). Are they yeast rolls? Yes. Muffins? Yes. The rolls/muffins come out of the oven hot and golden, welcome morning (with eggs, say) or noon (with a bowl of soup, say) or night (with a big supper salad or a stew that needs sopping up). It might just be magic: the great taste of yeast rolls, the mixing convenience of muffins . Fresh-Baked Bread, Family-Approved & Mere Minutes to the Table. Just One Bowl, No Mixer Required. Extra Welcome When "Supper's a Little Skimpy". Hearty & Filling. Fun Picnic Food. Budget Friendly. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Vegetarian.