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Weeknight-Easy Rolls

I suppose you could call these "half yeast roll and half savory muffin". But really, that doesn't quite convey their special magic: imagine the alluring taste of soft yeast rolls but the baking convenience of muffins, no rise time, no wait, no fussy roll formation.
"... they are good, aren’t they?" ~ Carole
"These were a big hit, 15-year-old boys love them!" ~ The Sister
Moms and dads are known for magical powers. Just think of the owies and ouchies that vanish with a quick kiss and a warm hug, how a child’s excitement flourishes with words of encouragement and praise.But how do busy parents transform soups and salads from weeknight same-old to weeknight special?It’s no illusion. Straight from the oven, hot rolls are a magic of their own sort. But after work and errands, before homework and bedtime rituals, what busy parent has time to wave a wand for rolls?You do, that’s who.These rolls require no kneading and no time to rise. Just mix the bat…