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Jerusalem Turkey Burgers with Zucchini

Moist, flavorful turkey burgers straight from the pages of my favorite cookbook of the summer, Jerusalem. The turkey burgers are specked with grated zucchini and fresh herbs which add moisture, volume and summer flavors. If low-cal burgers have left you hungry for, you know, something "more" – this is your burger! Here’s the charge: Did I, Alanna Kellogg, order a cookbook as a birthday gift when I really wanted it myself? I didn’t mean to, really I didn’t but turns out, oh dear, yes I did. Guilty. As. Charged. (Said cookbook recipient has permission to find a gift for himself for “my” birthday, tis only fair.) Now that that’s out of the way, know that I am happily poring through Jerusalem, the cookbook that’s taken the food world by storm. It’s filled with inventive Middle Eastern food, lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, lots of food for sharing. Deborah Madison’s back-cover blurb reads, “… filled with passion, color and truly vibrant and fresh ideas”. Heidi Swanson says t…

Wedge Salad with Homemade Low-Cal, Low-Carb Blue Cheese Salad Dressing

Happy "salad days", all! This recipe is my salad version of a hot-weather favorite, that late-summer indulgence of good bread, bacon and tomato we call the BLT. For the salad version, start off with a much lighter but completely rich Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing where it "pays" to pay attention to texture. Drizzle the dressing over a wedge of iceberg lettuce, a juicy tomato, crispy bacon plus a few bread crumbs cooked in bacon grease. Then, y'know, just call it “dinner”! Tonight, maybe?! This recipe is so quick and easy
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“Cheapskate!” I imagine chefs muttering to themselves when I walk in with a markswoman’s bead on the salad menu. Even a small green house salad is a welcome satisfying bit of freshness: add a cup of soup and it’s a hea…