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Buttered Pecan Ice Cream

Recipe for homemade buttered pecan ice cream, old-fashioned and delicious. Plus, to pair with the ice cream, a simple recipe for Meringue Cookies, sweet and studded with pecans. Plus, an introduction to native Missouri pecans, smaller and sweeter than pecans from other regions. It’s time for the Show-Me State to show off its culinary gold: fingertip-tiny, syrup-sweet, native Missouri pecans.Missouri is the northernmost reach of pecan country. Our shorter season and colder climate produce nuts that are smaller, sweeter and richer than the southern brethren.The trees grow alongside fields and rivers, mostly in farm country near Brunswick, 50 crow-miles northwest of Columbia, and Nevada, 90 miles south of Kansas City.Many trees are 200 years old. These days, farm entrepreneurs plant groves. “For the grandchildren,” they laugh, since trees don’t produce nuts for 15 or 20 years. Tree by tree, the nuts are painstakingly harvested in November.Missouri pecans are Show-Me special for lucky-we-…

Maple Glazed Salmon

Every week, another story emerges about the miracles worked by salmon. If the claims are to be believed, it’s the cancer-curing, figure-fending, wrinkle-ravaging, memory-mothering, clock-stopping, energy-saving, chocolate-tasting (okay, not that last one) food of the decade. Whether the claims prove true hardly matters since salmon is so readily available, tastes so great and gets to the table so fast.My recipe box includes a dozen great ways to cook salmon but this maple syrup-glazed treatment trumps them all. It’s a reincarnation of the French-classic and 1980s-trendy peppered steak, this time with buttery fish and cooked in just minutes under high heat. Truth be told, it is a miracle food. ALANNA's TIPS Salmon steaks, individual filets and thick filets from warehouse clubs all work well. If the skin’s still on one side, the salmon will be slightly tastier. Believe it or not, pancake syrup, even sugar-free pancake syrup, is a decent substitute for pricey maple syrup. My aun…

Holy Slaw!

Tired of coleslaws more mayonnaise than salad? Instead, this is a slightly unusual, colorful slaw, full of crunchy vegetables, lightly dressed in an Asian-style peanut and ginger dressing. A great favorite at church potlucks! Do I hear a hallelujah?! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

Nothing Like a Church Potluck.Make a trip or two or three along those long tables of home-cooked food, one tempting casserole after another delicious dessert (and don’t forget Mrs. Barry’s pecan pie), it’s no wonder that afterward folks head toward home heavy-eyed and hoping for a Sunday afternoon nap.Salads seem to be scarce at potlucks so colorful HOLY SLAW! will be a welcome addition come the next one. The dressing is unusual, a tasty blend of Asian-inspired flavors. I’m willing to bet a nap that you’ll gather both compliments and recipe requests.
But Don't Stop at Unusual DressingsCabbage and coleslaw just go together, right? But they aren't the only vegetables which work well as slaw. Get some va…