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The Man With the Hands? I Married Him!

... in a sunny wildflower meadow, surrounded by the love of close family. Big Surprise, Right? EIGHT YEARS We've been a couple for eight years. But here on Kitchen Parade and A Veggie Venture , until now this wonderful man was mentioned only in sly hints. I called him "my favorite cook" or "my kitchen companion". Mostly though, he wasn't named at all but instead appeared only as the "Man with the Hands" in food photos. (It's true. See here or here or here ). EIGHT DAYS And then we took all of eight days to get married. EIGHT WEEKS ago today, the Man With the Hands and I were married in a golden October meadow, officiated by a dear friend and witnessed by a small circle of family. So Meet My Man with the Hands. But do call him Jerry, I do. He's a lawyer with his own firm, a father of three and devoted grandfather of six. He comes from humble family beginnings here in Missouri and is the patria