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Turkey Wild Rice Casserole

My long-time go-to wild rice casserole, perfect with after-Thanksgiving leftover turkey. So let’s talk turkey.We perch in separate broods, the crowd which loves Thanksgiving dinner and the gang which holds out for Thanksgiving leftovers. Last year, I might have been the happiest person not cooking a turkey. That’s because I stuffed myself at dinner and then came home with the carcass of a fifteen-pound bird that the next day yielded ten cups of stock and nearly as much meat.So keep your brined and roasted and smoked and deep-fried turkeys fresh-sliced for the holiday table.Just send me home with nothing but bones to feast for weeks, starting with sandwiches and warmed-overs before moving onto hot soup and pot pie and exotic-sounding, if you think about it, plain-fare turkey tetrazzini (like my mom's recipe for Turkey Tetrazzini) and turkey enchiladas.But most years, the choice is a comfort-food casserole, a one-dish supper that’ll hold over the leftover-lovin’ turkeys til next year…

Turnip Puff or Rutabaga Puff:
Thanksgiving Vegetable Recipes

A tasty purée of root vegetables, either purple-topped turnips or, as pictured here, the lovely sunny-fleshed rutabagas. A favorite Thanksgiving vegetable recipe from my Canadian family. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

"Delicious! This is my niece's favorite casserole and [now] one of ours as well." ~Joan
What're you waiting for?! The Facts of LifeOne small boy to another: "Of course I know the facts of life! Wash your hands. Brush your teeth. Eat your vegetables." No Bucking TraditionIn some families, it’s a fact of life that it’s risky to buck tradition at Thanksgiving. Every year, it’s Grandma’s same cornbread stuffing and Cousin Isabelle’s favorite sweet potatoes.Here, the requisite vegetable has been my Auntie Gloria’s Squash Puff. Then I learned that she and my Canadian family have supplanted squash with turnip.Both are fall vegetables. Both versions are mashed. But somehow a squash puff and a turnip puff are entirely different. And since ther…

White Chicken Chili

What could be better on a cold night than a bowl of homemade White Chicken Chili, especially one made extra-easy (if you like) with a rotisserie chicken or even leftover Thanksgiving turkey?And speaking of Thanksgiving, everyone ready? Or should I say, ANYbody ready? : -) This recipe fits perfectly with my annual Thanksgiving Public Service Announcement. I recommend adding just one more thing to your already-long to-cook. But it's not what you might think. Read on!~Recipe updated & republished 2015 for a little weekend cooking inspiration~ The clocks are sorry, the clocks are very sad. One stops, one goes on striking the wrong hours.
– Donald Justice, poet,
after losing his mother
In much of the country, we turn back the hands of the clock in late autumn, creating the illusion of a gifted hour.My first job, I rode the bus to work. Frugality was the reason but I soon treasured the rhythm: workward, reading the morning paper; homeward, reading a book.But after the fall time chang…