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Cold & Creamy Cantaloupe Soup

A simple chilled summer soup made with ripe melon and milk, brightened with a little lemon zest. So simple and yet ... somehow so unusual, so comforting, so not-your-every-day summer cantaloupe.
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Cold & Creamy Cantaloupe Soup Made the List!Best Recipes of 2012
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Favorite Summer Soup Recipes

A collection of my Favorite Summer Soup Recipes, from gazpacho to chowder to fresh-vegetable soups, served chilled or warm, all light and refreshing. So may we please stop talking about the weather? Yes, it's hades hot. Yes, the grass is brown. (The upside? No mowing.) Yes, the herbs are fading. (The upside? Basil loves heat, pesto madness to come!) Yes, there is serious devastation to crops and livestock. (The upside? Um, well, not that I can think of.) But let's just soldier on, muddle through, Hoosier along and get on with it. What other choice do we have? Besides, dinner we can handle and a little soup will help. Not the heavy soups of winter but the special summer soups, lighter, livelier, full of life and promise. Like chilled gazpacho. Like warm summer chowder. Like simple fresh-vegetable soups.Stay cool, everyone!
~ Alanna
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