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Savory Cornbread Muffins

Because a girl needs more than one pair of black shoes cornbread recipe, here's my latest favorite, a cornmeal muffin recipe spiked with chili powder, a little jalapeño and red pepper and very decidedly savory. (Stick with me here, okay? I really am comparing cornbread to, yes, well, shoes ...) Real Food, Fresh & Flexible. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Excellent with Chili, Mexican & Cajun Food. Sturdy for Picnics & Travel.

Recipe for
Spaghetti Aglio e Olio (Garlic & Olive Oil)

Here's the recipe for the classic Italian spaghetti side dish, Spaghetti e Aglio e Olio, Spaghetti with Garlic & Olive Oil. It's a new recipe for me but is ever-so-useful because it can be cooked ahead of time and then served later, still perfectly fresh and moist. Oh yes. And garlicky, a very very garlicky good thing. Say ‘ciao’ to a simple Italian pasta side dish that meal-wise is handy to have in your back pocket but taste-wise is so unforgettable it just might take up residence in a front pocket. Why handy? Just make the pasta and then think time shift. While waiting on the rest of supper, say, keep the pasta warm on the stove to serve only minutes later. For a make-ahead meal, refrigerate to serve hours later, then just rewarm in a skillet. Either way, the pasta tastes fresh-from-the-pot good. Why unforgettable? Think garlick-y salty pasta, cloaked in just enough olive oil to make it soft and drapey. Delizioso! The recipe isn’t really a recipe, it’s all

Broiled Grapefruit:
Three Different Ways to Broil Grapefruit, All Easy!

Time to take on some Vitamin C, people! Here are three ways to broil winter’s best fruit, the grapefruit. My favorite is to mellow a grapefruit's natural acidity with a bare sprinkle of brown sugar and a heady mix of cinnamon and cumin. Weight Watchers, just 2 Weight Watchers PointsPlus! Choose Broiled Grapefruit as a healthy breakfast recipe, sure, but for dessert on a deep-freeze January night? Only a lawn chair tucked under the shade of the thick leaves of a grapefruit tree could be more enticing. First published in 2010. Recipes and photos updated and republished in 2014. COMPLIMENTS! "... it turned out great. I'll make it again definitely ..." ~ Anonymous I’m hear to tell ya, cooking can be hazardous to your health. Exercise too, but that’s another story. You see, when you love to cook, it’s easy to fixate on food, plotting lunch while finishing breakfast (who me?), strategizing supper while fixing lunch (who you?). The upside of focu

Recipe for Italian Lemon Chicken

If an Italian grandmother were to make Lemon Chicken, this would be it - in fact, this recipe for healthy baked chicken originated with an Italian grandmother, my friend Marie's mother. No question why it's a favorite family recipe: it's quick, it's hearty, it's lemon-y, it's garlick-y and yes, it's delicious. Weight Watchers? This recipe has just five Weight Watchers points! It’s slightly embarrassing, the habit of picking up new friends in public places. Take Marie. Marie and I met while ogling heirloom tomatoes at the farmers market. We grabbed coffees and talked for an hour, then another. As if strangers on airplanes, we each divulged unexpected confidences. Marie’s a fine, fine cook with Italian bloodlines. She introduced me to the Feast of Seven Fishes, the traditional Christmas Eve celebration. One snowy morning, she came for coffee, delivering blueberry muffins still warm from the oven. (Yes, this is a friend one works to keep.) Then