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Savory Cornbread Muffins

Because a girl needs more than one pair of black shoes cornbread recipe, here's my latest favorite, a cornmeal muffin recipe spiked with chili powder, a little jalapeƱo and red pepper and very decidedly savory. (Stick with me here, okay? I really AM comparing cornbread to, yes, well, shoes ...)
COMPLIMENTS! "They came out beautiful ..." ~ Eloisa Corn bread is the black shoes of baking. One recipe just isn’t enough, even when your favorite pair – I mean, recipe – has been with you for years and years and is soo comfortable, and still strikes just the right note for so many meals.My favorite pair of black shoes – oops, I mean, my favorite cornbread recipe – is Skillet Cornbread, think stone-ground cornmeal nuttiness that slices into big wedges that stay moist, even on the second and third day. Then I discovered my go-to recipe for Sweet Cornbread, think extra-dreamy drizzled with butter and honey. Pumpkin Corn Bread, think "practical" because it uses up leftover …

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Spaghetti Aglio e Olio (Garlic & Olive Oil)

Here's the recipe for the classic Italian spaghetti side dish, Spaghetti e Aglio e Olio, Spaghetti with Garlic & Olive Oil. It's a new recipe for me but is ever-so-useful because it can be cooked ahead of time and then served later, still perfectly fresh and moist. Oh yes. And garlicky, a very very garlicky good thing. Say ‘ciao’ to a simple Italian pasta side dish that meal-wise is handy to have in your back pocket but taste-wise is so unforgettable it just might take up residence in a front pocket.Why handy? Just make the pasta and then think time shift. While waiting on the rest of supper, say, keep the pasta warm on the stove to serve only minutes later. For a make-ahead meal, refrigerate to serve hours later, then just rewarm in a skillet. Either way, the pasta tastes fresh-from-the-pot good.Why unforgettable? Think garlick-y salty pasta, cloaked in just enough olive oil to make it soft and drapey. Delizioso!The recipe isn’t really a recipe, it’s all technique. But don…