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Shrimp Salad Recipes

Do you love the lightness of shrimp salad during the summer? Me too! It tastes fresh and healthy but is still packed with protein. This is my "master" recipe for shrimp salad, a concept recipe, begging for your own adaptations and substitutions, with three different sauces. So easy, so versatile!First published in 2008, updated & republished in 2012
"... just finished the most amazing shrimp salad." ~ Heidi
Stuck in a shrimp rut, that's where I've been for a few weeks. It started when small cooked shrimp were on sale at the grocery, begging to be turned into shrimp salad for supper that night. The salad was good enough, but lacked a certain oomph. But by the next day, whoah, it was ever-so-good: it just needed a few hours for the flavors to meld!So I set off to create a shrimp salad tasting just as good on-the-spot as some-time-later. So sorry, no luck in that department.But there's an upside, something perhaps even more useful, a concept reci…

How to Save Money on Groceries - Part Two

Many thanks to all who are encouraging this series, especially the readers forwarding thoughtful tips. From some, I hear worry, "I already use so many of the basic ways to save money on groceries. What if they're not enough?" For that, I wish I had an answer. I do know that by writing this series, I am more and more aware of my own habits. Last week I reached for a second bottle of corn syrup, priced two for $something. It was a good deal, yes, but how much corn syrup can one use?To start at the beginning of this series about How to Save Money on Groceries, see the Introduction and Part One: Frugal Eating Starts in Our HeadsPart TwoFRUGAL FOOD SHOPPING REQUIRES A PLAN
We're still not ready to hit the grocery store. The trick is not to save a few pennies on hamburger or find a bargain on chicken breasts. (Anyone looking for ways to save money on potato chips and boxed pizza at all? You aren't going to find it here.) This is because there is just no question: to sav…

Fresh Creamed Corn

This is NOT your mama's can of creamed corn! Instead, it's Alton Brown's recipe for homemade creamed corn, full of summer-fresh corn sweetness and real corn kernels, accented with fresh rosemary or fresh lavender. This is absolutely gorgeous, a must-make recipe when summer's sweet corn is at its finest.

Fresh & Seasonal. Weight Watchers Friendly. Nothing Like Canned Creamed Corn.
~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

Family Talk at the TableFamilies sometimes give special names to special foods and even not-so-special but favorite dishes.
Alphabet Names: Ask for HMO when you’d like my friend Elise to cook up hamburger with macaroni and onions.Toddler Names: Ask for a poo-bah fafa in my family and you’ll get a peanut butter sandwich in my then-baby sister’s lingo.As a kid, my personal Deluxe was mashed potatoes topped by creamed corn poured from a can, my mother’s attempt to extend leftovers with an incongruous air of haute. I loved that comfort-food combination of mashed …