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Best Recipes of 2013

Favorite recipes from 2013, yours and mine both, just one "best" recipe per month. Looking back, does it strike you as it does me that my recipes are becoming simpler, more family-friendly – still real food and still healthy, flavor-forward and seasonal of course, those are the touchstones of my food sensibility, after all – but also more ready for preparation on a whim? Is your food sensibility evolving too? What was new in 2013, what do you look forward to in 2014? First, your favorite recipes! Each one is pictured in the collage above. Starting in the center , Kitchen Parade's top recipe for 2013, homey comfort food, a simple Hamburger Casserole . You couldn't get enough of this! Now, clockwise from the upper lefthand corner. First, Easy Skinny Turkey Roll-ups with Fresh Veggies , these are such an easy lunch, they keep and are great to carry along. Next, my own obsession for a few weeks, so easy to put together on a whim, just tortillas topped wit

My Family’s Recipe for Potato Blintzes

It’s almost a countdown, ensuring that this “body of work” called Kitchen Parade includes my family’s oldest and most treasured recipes. This is one. I remember my Canadian mother and grandmother and aunts making potato blintzes, pillows of soft and creamy mashed potatoes wrapped in crepes, served steaming hot, always-always with dollops of sour cream on the side. And now I make them too! Last month when we were heading to Texas to visit my sister before Thanksgiving, there were leftover mashed potatoes in the fridge so an hour before our departure, I quick-quick made blintzes to carry along! They’re that easy! Usually though, blintzes are “holiday” food, at Christmas for brunch or breakfast and at Easter with ham, saved for special occasions. When does Christmas begin, really? This isn’t a calendar question but the consideration of the moment when suddenly, inside our heads, it just “feels” like Christmas and when we call out, "Merry Christmas!" we really me