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Chicken Cider Stew

Chicken Cider Stew is a colorful fall stew with moist bites of chicken, sweet potatoes and carrots cooked in apple cider. The recipe makes up quickly and lucky thing, tastes good right away. It's a long-time favorite recipe, mine, yes, but also other Kitchen Parade readers. No wonder, it's hot, it's healthy, it's full of flavor. Better still? It's one of those one-pot quick supper recipes we all love so much. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipes ~ ~ Chicken Cider Stew ~ ~ Mashed Sweet Potatoes ~ ~ Roasted Sweet Potatoes ~ COMPLIMENTS! "I absolutely love the Apple Cider Chicken Stew." ~ Amanda "My husband ... loved it, and so did I!" ~ Kirsten "I tried this over the weekend and it was excellent!" ~ Jenn "Apple Cider Chicken Stew is DELISH!" ~ ColoradoCookie "Excellent recipe and open to experimentation." ~ Phil "OMG!!! That was great!!!! All full and happy." ~ Ann "I made it last nig

Best-Ever Oatmeal Bread

The Recipe: A slightly sweet but still savory yeast bread, moist with oats and nutty with ground pecans, barely sweet with molasses and honey. The crust is soft but slightly chewy, the interior crumb is quite soft. This bread makes excellent toast! The Conversation: Bread is special in my family, it means much more than just the bread itself. Read on. COMPLIMENTS! "This was very good." ~ acr A week ago today, my friend Tricia lost her Mom. A week ago tomorrow would have been my Mom's 77th birthday. Even before hearing of Tricia's loss, I planned to pay tribute to Mom, as I do every year, by making bread on her birthday. When I was growing up, my mother made bread every week. It was therapeutic: a way to feed her family and heal her soul while recovering from a radical mastectomy at only age 35, a way to exercise muscles irrevocably cut and weakened by surgery. She felt satisfaction knowing her labor – her pain – would nourish her family physical