Baked Bacon - How to Cook Bacon in the Oven

How to cook bacon in the oven. Just turn on the oven, you'll be bakin' bacon too!

Baked Bacon by Kitchen Parade

Every once in awhile, the phone will ring early. It's my dad. "I'm sitting down with a cup of tea," he'll start. "And I'm cooking bacon."

This is Father Code for "I'm feeling like a good visit." You see, in the other room, he's letting the bacon cook away on the stove, unattended, just softly spitting in a skillet on low. Who else smells the bacon cooking, just thinking about it?!

My dad, he's patient when it comes to bacon. Not me. I want bacon to cook perfectly, without attention, quickly. With this technique for cooking bacon in the oven – bakin' bacon, yes?! – Jess Thomson from HogWash cooked bacon in just 15 minutes so I couldn't wait to try.

But wait. In my oven, it took 45 minutes to cook the bacon crispy enough for bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwiches. (Less time would have been better for pancakes, say.) Still, the technique is so easy, so easy to clean up – and cooks the bacon entirely without attention – so this is my 'new favorite way' to cook bacon, especially a whole pound of thick-sliced bacon all at once, way too much for a skillet.

Given the time differences that Jess, I and others are experiencing with oven-baked bacon, I'd recommend watching checking the oven often until you get a feel for your oven, your own bacon. (Update: Consistently, it takes 35 - 45 minutes for bacon to cook using this technique. Home-cured or butcher-cured bacon does seem to cook some faster, although I can't think why.) So it's not fast, but it does work beautifully for cooking bacon for a crowd and requires zero attention from an impatient cook.

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How to cook perfect bacon in the oven
Hands-on time: 5 minutes
Time-to-table: 20 - 50 minutes

Set oven to 400F.

RACK & BAKING SHEET Cover a rimmed baking sheet with foil. Place a baking rack over the sheet. Arrange bacon slices across the rack. Let the bacon cook until it reaches the preferred crispiness, 15 - 45 minutes.

CAST IRON GRIDDLE While the oven preheats, warm up the griddle. Arrange the bacon on the griddle, without overlapping. Let the bacon cook until it reaches the preferred crispiness, 15 - 30 minutes.

ALANNA's TIPS Foil isn't required but does make for easy clean-up. Without it, even a good non-stick baking sheet took some scrubbing to clean off some sticky spots. Avoid overlapping the slices since the overlapped places don't cook as well. The bacon does shrink a little so if you're willing to re-arrange a bit midway through the cooking process, some overlap is okay. If you like, experiment with sprinkling the bacon with brown sugar or spices before baking. I sprinkled Spanish paprika, the smoky paprika called pimenton, on some slices: gorgeous. Be extra careful removing the tray from the oven. That bacon grease burns! Since you'll ask: There is zero splatter! Don't throw away the bacon grease! While it's still in liquid form, pour it into a glass jar to store in the fridge, where it will keep for a couple of months. Just add to the jar every time you cook more bacon, then use it any time you want extra flavor in soups, stews, sautéing vegetables, grilling sandwiches, even 'buttering' casserole dishes. It won't go to waste! For St Louisans: This week I cooked bacon from Smokey Ridge Meats which now sells bacon and other cured meats at the Kirkwood Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. It's delicious! So is the apple-smoked thick-cut bacon from Hanlen's Market on Manchester Road, just west of Lindbergh. My favorite cook cooks bacon in the oven too, with a double-sided cast iron skillet like this one. It's less convenient to collect the bacon grease but the bacon is great.

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Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

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  1. Wow! 45 minutes? Guess ovens differ - but man, that sandwich sounds good!
    -Jess (Hogwash)

  2. Anonymous7/05/2008

    I've got to get some racks and try this...I used to have one or two, but don't know where they are now, so I'll have to acquire some new ones -- this sounds like an excellent way to bacon up!

  3. Anonymous7/06/2008

    Bakin Bacon. LOL.

  4. I actually learned about this when I started selling Pampered Chef about 1.5 years ago. It's a great way to season any stoneware you have and the clean up is a snap (DON'T do this with a flat stone like pizza stone since you don't have a lip to catch the fat)

    For me it's the only way to cook bacon now. Just found your site and loving it.

  5. Anonymous12/16/2008

    Haven't tried it out yet, however bacon is on our list of things for supper. You see, every once in awhile we have what we call a 'breakfast-supper' and the kids rave about it!!

    Loved how you started out your article - reminded me of my own dad and how he'll putter around in the kitchen - with much patience. His specialty is making baked beans, and they take hours to soak and bake. My husband and i are fortunate enough to live beside the river next to my parents. We often do 'breakfast suppers' together. Next time i see my dad, i'll be sure to share your 'new' recipe with him. thanks for everything.

  6. wow, I just tried this method this morning and it was amazing! The bacon came out evenly crisp, and not greasy. I think mine took about 30 minutes, but I popped my eggs in at the same time, so breakfast was all ready about the same time. Yumm.

  7. I have used this technique for years and it's never failed me. My mother told me about it. I normally put the bacon in at 275 just before I go to bed and it's done when I get up! Here's a suggestion for something that makes it even easier when you want to cook seriously large quantities of bacon at one time. Using Google Advanced Search, Google the phrase "Cabela's 3-Tier Oven Jerky Tray" at the domain This is the outdoor supply retailer with stores all over the country. Follow the link and if you like what you see I promise it will make this task and the cleanup afterward easier. Also, I prize rendered bacon fat as a flavoring agent so the tray to catch the drippings is perfect.

  8. Does anyone know how many weight watcher points are assigned to this recipe using turkey bacon? I would assume the serving size is 2 slices.

  9. Bonnie ~ I'll look it up when back from the holidays!

  10. Bonnie ~ Nutrition info was available for turkey bacon, I calculated it based on a pound of bacon, with one-ounce servings, it nets out to Weight Watchers 2 points


    Servings: 16
    Amount Per Serving
    Calories: 108
    Total Fat: 7.37g
    Cholesterol: 27mg
    Sodium: 647mg
    Total Carbs: 0.88g
    Dietary Fiber: --
    Protein: 8.39g

  11. I have used this method and it works very well, good tasting bacon without all the fat.

  12. 15 minutes? Good grief. My bacon takes 9 minutes at 400F.


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