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Mulled Apple Cider

How to mull apple cider with fruit and spices, turning everyday supermarket-variety apple cider into something special and irresistible. Mulled apple cider is such a refreshing autumn treat, I serve it hot on chilly days and over ice when it's warm. Such a warm, warm fall we're having here in eastern Missouri – hot even. So when it turned halfway cool-ish a couple of weekends back, we made the most of it, building a fire in the firepit and declaring a cooking holiday. Supper that night? Popcorn drizzled with salty butter and hot apple cider mulled with apples, citrus and spices. The cider is so easy to make! Just pour a no-name supermarket-variety apple cider into a big pot, add a few spices (cinnamon sticks, star anise, fennel seed, coriander, a even a couple of peppercorns) and slices of apple, orange and lemon, then let it simmer for an hour or so, concentrating the apple cider essence, "mulling" it with the spices and fruit. So good! We


Okay, Pie People – or aspiring Pie People! – an invitation to join a celebration of homemade pie! C'mon, it'll be fun! #PieDayFriday. It's Our New Weekly Tradition. Since Fathers Day in 2016, Friday here is Pie Day. Every.Single.Friday. No skips! (Well, not many.) It's been ( twenty-one forty-four sixty , seventy-three wow, make that ninety-two weeks so far! Why? It's simple fun and of course, good eats! Plus, there's nothing my 90 91-year old almost 92-year old father loves more than pie. When he came to live with us in the spring of 2016, I sensed that for him (and by extension for me) that the weeks pass slowly and quickly both at once. I wanted to create a little fun, a celebratory start to our weekend. As it turns out, I find big fun in #PieDayFriday too. I'm revisiting favorite old recipes and pushing my boundaries with new ones. I'm working on my pie crust technique and even exploring new ones. (Keep reading, there's a p