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Canadian Flag Cake

Happy Canada Day to Kitchen Parade's many Canadian readers! I sure hope you have a good imagination or better yet, a good sense of humor, because when my Inner Martha Stewart emerges, it’s not pretty, it’s just not. Let’s back up.For the Americans who read, July 1 is Canada Day, that’s like the 4th of July only cooler and low-key.Last week, I asked my Canadian family from my mum's side, all of them great cooks, “What do you cook for Canada Day? What is the traditional Canadian food that binds Canada Day celebrations like hot dogs, potato salad and cold beer do for Independence Day menus?” The answer? Absolute silence.I couldn’t help myself, I so wanted to inspire a generation of Canadians! my own family at minimum! with a special treat for Canada Day. The Canada Flag Cake caught my eye awhile back. It’s from Kraft, it uses a cake mix, how hard could it be?Now me being me, I set out to make not one but two cakes – stop laughing, cousins! – the first one with a cake mix, jello a…

Lifetime Pancakes

My sister's pancake recipe, perfected over many years. She started off with a tiny batch for making pancakes for just one or two, then expanded the recipe to fit her growing family with a large recipe for a tableful of hungry pancake lovers. It's a recipe that can cross a lifetime! Move over Taco Tuesday, let's Make Tonight a Pancake Night!
~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

"… fantastic. … loved the flavor … really fluffy! Definitely a keeper!" ~ Mrs. FussyPants"… the very best pancakes I have ever made!" ~ Karen"… the only [recipe] I use [for] pancakes" ~ SusanBEST RECIPES!
Lifetime Pancakes Made the List!Best Recipes of 2010
The Circle of Life, the Pancake ChapterOnce upon a time, a young newlywed relied on a Cooking for Two cookbook, a gift from her sister. Straight off, she loved the cookbook’s pancake recipe, a tiny batch of light and fluffy pancakes just enough for two on lazy Sunday mornings. As her family grew, first one baby bo…