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Best Recipes of 2003

Just One Per Month The very best of Kitchen Parade's recipes from 2003, just one per month. As I update this page two decades later, I remain so proud of this collection, I still make every single one of these recipes all this time later, especially the three soups , Scandinavian Split-Pea Soup and At Last! Black Bean Soup plus my cousin Laura's Healthy Carrot Soup , Kitchen Parade's single-most "useful recipe" from the entire year. In fact, all three soups are "signature" recipes! I hope you love these recipes too! A Baker's Dozen of Favorites from All Kitchen Parade's 2003 Recipes including Quick Suppers, Soups, Salads, Sides and Sweets. All Real Food, Made From Scratch & Family-Tested. Mostly Made with Simple Ingredients Relying on Pantry Favorites. Many Budget-Friendly & Weight Watchers-Friendly Recipes, One-Pot Meals, Year-Round Favorites, Seasonal Specialties.

Saturday Soup

What to eat when your fridge is filled with nothing but bits of leftovers? Saturday Soup! It's my family's proven forumula for using up lots of bits of leftovers. It's rarely pretty but it's usually surprisingly tasty – and best of all, food waste drops to nil. Thanksgiving leftovers are the best! But if a week’s gone by and your fridge still holds turkey bounty, chances are, everyone’s ready to move on. SATURDAY SOUP is a terrific way to use up leftovers all year round. Make it regularly and you’ll find yourself saving tiny bites of leftovers (sometimes in a designated container in the fridge or freezer) that might otherwise go to waste. As a kid, we threw a batch together for Saturday lunch, cleaning out the fridge before Mom headed to the store to pick up the next week’s groceries. Because the leftovers changed every week, two pots rarely tasted the same, except for being both reliably delicious and completely unrepeatable! ALANNA's TIPS Bacon