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Best Recipes of 2014

And so yet another year draws to a close, all year I found myself writing or doing the math on "2004" – then feeling puzzled why it didn't look quite right. Oops. It's the week when many of us reach out to say thanks to those who bring meaning to our lives and I've been grateful to hear from so many of you in the last while. So please, let ME say thanks. I'm grateful for your time, your consideration, your comments, your emails, your likes, your shares, your PINs – and most of all that you invite me into your kitchen, trusting me to inspire the meals you prepare for those you most love, the shared curiosity for seasonal ingredients and healthy techniques, the ideas and pleasures that make the kitchen table the gathering place in so many homes. Kitchen Parade is fast approaching 500 columns, a body of work that gives me immense pride. But it would be mere pixels careening about the internet without all of you. I thank you, I thank you. Your Favori

Smoked Salmon Spread

Looking for a healthy appetizer? Or a simple spread for a charcuterie platter? Think smoked salmon spread on crackers, low-carb and low-cal.It’s good for you but tastes rich and indulgent. Real Food, Fresh & Festive. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Great for Meal Prep. Potluck & Party Friendly. Low Carb. Low Fat. Weight Watchers Friendly. Naturally Gluten Free.

Chocolate-Almond Shortbread Cookies

Another idea for your cookie Christmas plate – or for shipping cross-country to your favorite cookie monster. These crisp little chocolate shortbreads are slice 'n' bake, easy-easy to make and "low sugar" or what I call "almost sugar free". For anyone who avoids wheat? The cookies are also made with almond meal instead of flour, that makes them gluten-free. All this adds up to Low Carb and Weight Watchers friendly too! No need to worry, though, everyone enjoys these bite-size chocolate-almond cookies. PS Something special is new on A Veggie Venture this week, a beautiful video featuring expert lefse-maker LeAnne Kruger, sharing her recipe, tips and techniques for How to Make Lefse , the soft, tender Scandinavian bread that's traditional at Christmas. It just might add to your Christmas spirit! Just Seven Ingredients. Slice 'n' Bake. Sturdy for Shipping. A New Addition to The Homemade Pantry , a Kitchen Parade Specialty. Year-Round Kitchen St

Christmas Banana Bread

Do you think of banana bread as "Christmas-y"? Me either! But then again, maybe it should be. Here's how to jazz up your favorite banana bread for the holidays with one simple change: fresh cranberries! Fresh & Seasonal, a Marriage of Tradition and New Ideas.