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Chicken Nachos
with Homemade Pickled Jalapeño Rings

Party food in a flash! Chicken Nachos (recipe below) are quick and easy to assemble with rotisserie chicken, black beans, grilled peppers, homemade pickled jalapeños (recipe below!), cheddar and more. Seriously good stuff! Forget politics. The Super Bowl is America’s Grand Old Party and the XLII-th contest happens February 3. St. Louisans, we may miss the Kurt Warner glory years, but look on the bright side. The Rams’ 3 – 13 season lets us point our remote controls to the Big Game’s best plays: the television commercials, the half-time show and the party food. Go team! Hosting a football party? Taking food along to someone else's party? Look for lots of ideas in this collection of recipes, Football Fever!. For more cold-weather parties, check out this collection, Chillin: Chili, Chowder with a Side of Cornbread. For Cinco de Mayo or Mexican-themed gatherings, you'll find more recipes ideas with Mexican recipes. GAME-DAY PRETZELS (photo below) Warm 6 ounces of popcorn oil, then st…

Oven-Baked Brown Rice

For anyone who's had trouble cooking brown rice, or wondered how to cook brown rice, this is your lucky day! First, there's this recipe for brown rice, my favorite, which cooks the rice in the oven and turns out moist, nutty kernels of rice. Oh!So!Good! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

"So stinking good!!!" ~ Pamela"This recipe came out PERFECT! The kids LOVE it." ~ msadinkra"You've given me my go-to method for this dish." ~Anonymous
What're you waiting for?! What Brown Rice Is. And Isn't.Think of brown rice as the emperor with his clothes on.You see, brown rice isn’t its own variety of rice, as is often thought. Instead, every variety of rice starts off brown because brown rice is just unmilled rice, rice with all its "clothing" layers still intact.Once those "clothes" are polished away, inside every grain of brown rice is a white, starchy and yes, naked, kernel stripped of flavor, fiber and nutrition.I’ve …