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Oil Tanker Burgers

The summer's latest burger obsession, one invented by a creative young cook, age 10. He calls it an "Oil Tanker" (an unusual burger name which makes particular sense to a ten-year old ...) but this burger is stacked so high, maybe it's not just an Oil Tanker but a Super Tanker. I had another recipe planned for today but, really, a long weekend is just ahead and all these layers add up to the best burgers we've had in a long time ... so if burgers are on your menu, consider an Oil Tanker. Happy three-day weekends, all!

A Special Summer Burger. Weekday Easy, Weekend Special.

Shrimp with Tomatoes, Spinach & Feta

Oh people, take a good look here, this is one of my favorite suppers in a long time, shrimp cooked in a nest of tomatoes, spinach and feta cheese. It's just gorgeous! It's my rendition of a Greek dish called Shrimp (Garides) Saganaki, a favorite (or so I read ...) at Greek tavernas. Here, a summer version of Shrimp Saganaki uses ripe, juicy summer tomatoes and a winter version, equally good, uses canned tomatoes. Both will have you looking for good bread to sop up the juices!

One-Pot Supper. Quick Supper. Fresh & Seasonal. Low Carb. High Protein. Weight Watchers Friendly. Naturally Gluten Free.

Warm Goat Cheese Appetizer with Mini Tomatoes & Capers

An Easy, Impromptu Summer Appetizer
Oh people, if only dinner were this easy! But then again? Add a bottle of chilled white wine and you just might be inclined to go ahead and call this big jumble of warm goat cheese and tiny tangy tomatoes and capers dinner, after all.

Simple & Summery. Easy Enough for Everyday, Special Enough for an Occasion. Perfect for Casual Summer Entertaining & Convivial Gatherings.

Summer’s Best Melon Ball & Blueberry Salad

Pure summer in a bowl, a pile of jewel-colored watermelon and cantaloupe balls plus blueberries tossed in a simple sweet 'n' tart dressing made with no more than fresh lime juice, honey and a bare touch of Tabasco.

Very Summery! Beautiful Color! Cool & Refreshing! Fresh & Seasonal. Great for Potlucks and Light Summer Meals. Weight Watchers Friendly. Easily Vegan.