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Ah, isn't it wonderful to be surprised by fresh flowers? Now "home delivery" is available for Kitchen Parade recipes too! Just sign up for a free e-mail subscription. Once your address is confirmed, every time a new recipe is posted online (usually once a week, some times less), you'll be the first to receive a preview, right in your very own In Box. And unlike fresh flowers, Kitchen Parade recipes require no watering! :-) Option #1 – Recipes delivered via e-mail 1 - 2 hours after being published online. Subscribe to Kitchen Parade via FeedBurner , part of the Google machine. Option #2 – Recipes delivered via e-mail just minutes after being published online. Subscribe to Kitchen Parade via Feedblitz , a small private company. IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ - With both Option #1 and Option #2, a minute or two after you've submitted your e-mail address, you will receive a follow-up e-mail asking you to activate your subscription. You MUST activate your subscriptio

Readers Make My Day

Every so often, a comment or e-mail arrives from a reader who's been inspired by Kitchen Parade or my food blog A Veggie Venture . I've started to save these messages. On days when life's work lists toward labor, it's good to be reminded that the effort is appreciated. My heartfelt thanks to all who visit. My special thanks to those who occasionally take time from busy lives to write. It's not expected. But it is appreciated and I thank you! ~ Alanna (More info about leaving comments ) From Sarabeth , when HealthCentral & named A Veggie Venture one of the best diet sites ... "I think the award is well-suited for this site as my family now eats many more veggies because I know I can always find a tasty recipe for whatever I find at the grocery store. My five year old now loves roasted cauliflower and my soon to be two year old adores the stir-fried broccoli. Carrots are the favorite of my four year old. Why? All because I foun

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What Would You Like to Know? What is Kitchen Parade all about? How to print a recipe? Looking for a recipe you saw in print? How to find a specific recipe or a recipe with a specific ingredient How to share a recipe How to learn about new recipes Is it okay to leave a comment? How do you calculate the nutrition estimates? What does it mean to "Alanna-size" a recipe? What about the photographs? Would you like to publish a photograph? Advertising & Product Reviews Product Disclosures Privacy Policy Something else? What is Kitchen Parade all about? Kitchen Parade is the food and recipe column written by Alanna Kellogg, a second-generation food writer and a home cook in a home kitchen in suburban St. Louis. It features fresh seasonal recipes for everyday healthful eating and occasional indulgences. Read more about Kitchen Parade , its history, its author, its inspiration. Top of Page How to print a recipe A new print-recipe function is in th