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Seasonal Sundays (Week 18) Mexican Meal Prep

Seven recipes to kick start those Cinco de Mayo tacos you're fantasizing. Good news, all the "extras" (condiments, rice, beans, salads, etc.) may be made a day or two or three or four or five ... ahead of time.

Sunshine Orange Muffins from The Best of Bridge

Pretty orange and poppyseed muffins from Canada's famous Best of Bridge cookbook series. They're barely sweet and even then, sweetened mostly with a whole orange (skin and all!) and one of my favorite pantry ingredients for a flavor boost, frozen orange juice concentrate. Homemade Muffins, Warm from the Oven, Bright with Orange Flavor. Mere Minutes to the Table, Perfect for Casual Breakfasts and Weekend Brunch. Fun Picnic Food. Great for Food Gifts. Potluck & Party Friendly.

Seasonal Sundays (Week 17) for Feta Lovers

Well hey, feta lovers. Welcome to my little corner of feta heaven, seven recipes that celebrate the sharp, tangy cheese that elevates any food it touches. Feta just might be the butter of cheese! I hope you love this collection!

Hummingbird Food

How to cook sugar water for feeding hummingbirds, delivering hours and hours of buzzing wings and sweet little peeps as these magnificent creatures return to feed on DIY nectar from spring to fall. The formula is easy, a ratio of 1:2 sugar:water, just mix as much as you need. A hummingbird feeder is a great backyard joy! The Sugar:Water Mixture to Attract and Safely Feed the Neighborhood Hummingbirds. How to Pick a Good Feeder. How to Clean and Fill Hummingbird Feeders. How to Watch Hummingbirds, Up Close & Personal. It's Seriously Fun!

Seasonal Sundays (Week 16) Asparagus Season!

Seven recipes for spring's best vegetable, all easy asparagus ideas for weeknight meals, from sides to soups to suppers. I hope you'll find one or two destined as "keepers" in your own asparagus repertoire.

Seasonal Sundays (Week 15) Quick Pickles

Happy Spring to all and Happy Easter for those who celebrate! Save this message to "read later" because it'll keep, just like seven quick pickles ("quickles""?!) being highlighted. If you're new to this world of small-batch pickles that don't require canning, just refrigeration, it's a revelation, turning almost any vegetable into a pickle or a relish that'll keep for days and weeks and even longer.

Carrot-Jalapeño Quick Pickle Relish

How to transform everyday carrot into a special pickled relish spiked with both jalapeño and cumin, a magical combination. It's easy to use and better still, this is a "quick pickle" that requires no canning, just refrigeration. Pickle Relish Made from Scratch, No Canning Required. Whole Food, Fresh & Inventive. Year-Round Kitchen Staple. Budget Friendly. Great for Meal Prep. Great for Food Gifts. Easy DIY. Not just vegan, Vegan Done Real . Naturally Gluten Free.

Seasonal Sundays (Week 14) Celebration Breads & Cakes

Still thinking about Easter menus? Last week, I shared side dishes for spring celebrations . This week, I closed my eyes to imagine a dessert buffet, special sweets for spring, simple to sumptuous "celebration breads" and "celebratory cakes". Chocolate? Strawberries? Rhubarb? Yes, yes and yes. Plus, our Easter lunch menu is 90% nailed down. Fingers crossed you find much inspiration!