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Sweet 'n' Hot Chicken

Chicken thighs coated in warm (not spicy hot!) spices and nestled in a bed of carrots, peppers and mushrooms with a soothing sauce of honey and lemon juice. It's another Quick Supper and to minimize dishes, a One-Pot Supper too. Perfect for taking the chill off cool evenings year-round. During a cold snap last spring when May wore the mitt of March, I thumbed through some cold-weather recipes tucked into a thick Cook Now folder. This recipe caught my attention, perfect, I thought, for a chilly night – and so it was. It’s a one-pot meal, meat and vegetables all in the same dish. The honey provides the sweet, the spice rub the hot (though honestly, it's more "warm" than "hot"). After simmering for 30 minutes, there’s still plenty of sauce left to soak into rice or potatoes or for dipping bread. The underlying flavor reminds me of my mother’s midnight remedy for childhood coughs, hot water with lemon juice and honey. It soothed the throat, letting

Mashed Potatoes & Carrots

Children Call Them "Golden Glow Potatoes" Definitely not your gramma's mashed potatoes, mine either. But this magical vegetable combo makes me ask "Why haven't we been doing this forever?" and wondering if this isn't the very latest "genius recipe". The trick? Just cook and mash potatoes and carrots together. You'll need hardly any (if any) added fat and they'll be creamy beyond belief. And that color! Real Food, Fresh & Comforting. Just Three Ingredients. Familiar Ingredients, Inventive Combination. Budget Friendly. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Potluck & Party Friendly. Low Fat. Weight Watchers Friendly. Vegetarian. Naturally Gluten Free. Rave Reviews.

Three Favorite Sandwich & Cracker Spreads

The Recipes: Three favorite make-ahead made-from-scratch spreads for sandwiches and crackers. Each one is fresh and just a little bit surprising. Each one works on its own, either as a spread that makes fabulous sandwiches or a light spread for crackers. (Or frankly? Anywhere you can think to spread a, um, spread!) All three together? They're a mash-up of color and flavor and texture. This is a great collection! I have a hard time picking a favorite! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipes ~ ~ Almond Cilantro Spread ~ (center) ~ Cranberry Orange Spread ~ (right) ~ Sun-Dried Tomato Spread ~ (rear left) It Looks So Easy, Doesn't It? Some people are simply born to entertain – not on stage, not on film, but at home. They make it look so easy, they’re so relaxed! The trick may be a little up-front effort. So with potlucks, parties and impromptu gatherings filling the year-end calendar, arm yourself with quick, make-ahead spreads that can serve double duty. Turn an every