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Easy Garlic-Herb Mediterranean Chicken

The Recipe: So yeah. This chicken is easy to make. (It even tastes like it's grilled but is cooked, quick-quick, under the broiler.) And there's garlic, lots of garlic. And fresh herbs, parsley, mint, thyme and oregano. But isn't Easy Garlic-Herb Mediterranean Chicken a, y'know, mouthful? That's why here at home I call it "Med Chicken," a name as short and simple and enticing as this marinated Middle-eastern chicken tastes at the table. Make some hummus and enjoy!The Conversation: A call for your best kitchen pantry ideas!
Do you have a pantry? A little pantry? A big pantry?? Or are you like me, living without a kitchen pantry, even a small one?The funny thing is, when we redid our kitchen four years ago, we actually removed an inefficient pantry. After it was gone, I made room for a few cans of beans and tomatoes below a counter (awkward ...) and opened up a couple of shelves in the laundry area (small ...) for a few staples. But that was it. And honest…

Easy Margarita Pie

The Recipe: Just in time for Cinco de Mayo (Friday!), Derby Day (Saturday!), Mother's Day or your next summer Mexican fling, a super-easy homemade Margarita Pie that tastes just like a very good margarita! Really, it does! That's thanks to a not-so "secret" ingredient found in every single kitchen.
Yep, I'm still in #PieDayFriday mode! On Father's Day, it'll be an entire year that I've made a pie every Friday. No surprise, I still love it! And I'm still learning!And of course, I'm still getting rave reviews at the table, especially from my 91-year old father who l-o-v-e-s homemade pie. When I waken him on Friday mornings, I tease, "What day is today, Dad?" He grins, then answers with a voice still husky from sleep, "Pie Day!" (For the record, my dad totally knows what day it is every single day, not just Fridays. This Friday exchange has just become our little ritual. It's nice ...)Still, odds were high that Dad and Jerr…