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Easy Garlic-Herb Mediterranean Chicken

"Med Chicken" for Easy, Casual Summer Gatherings The Recipe: So yeah. This chicken is easy to make. (It even tastes like it's grilled but is cooked, quick-quick, under the broiler.) And there's garlic, lots of garlic. And fresh herbs, parsley, mint, thyme and oregano. But isn't Easy Garlic-Herb Mediterranean Chicken a, y'know, mouthful? That's why here at home I call it "Med Chicken," a name as short and simple and enticing as this marinated Middle-eastern chicken tastes at the table. Make some hummus and enjoy! The Conversation: A call for your best kitchen pantry ideas! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ What's Your Pantry Like? Do you have a pantry? A little pantry? A big pantry?? Or are you like me, living without a kitchen pantry, even a small one? The funny thing is, when we redid our kitchen four years ago, we actually removed an inefficient pantry. After it was gone, I made room for a few cans of beans and tomatoes be

Easy Margarita Pie

The Recipe: Just in time for Cinco de Mayo (Friday!), Derby Day (Saturday!), Mother's Day or your next summer Mexican fling, a super-easy homemade Margarita Pie that tastes just like a very good margarita! Really, it does! That's thanks to a not-so "secret" ingredient found in every single kitchen. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ #PieDayFriday: Still Going Strong! Yep, I'm still in #PieDayFriday mode! On Father's Day, it'll be an entire year that I've made a pie every Friday. No surprise, I still love it! And I'm still learning! And of course, I'm still getting rave reviews at the table, especially from my 91-year old father who l-o-v-e-s homemade pie. When I waken him on Friday mornings, I tease, "What day is today, Dad?" He grins, then answers with a voice still husky from sleep, "Pie Day!" (For the record, my dad totally knows what day it is every single day, not just Fridays. This Friday exchange has just