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Deep Mexico Fruit Salad

The Recipe: A simple, summery fruit salad arranged in a pretty and symmetrical pattern around a mound of cottage cheese. So simple and surprisingly tasty – and yes, we know, more of a suggestion than a "recipe" even if it's a great illustration of how we're using common Mexican ingredients and serving them in untraditional but Mexican-ish ways. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

"I Love This Concept Even If I Feel a Little Overwhelmed."That's what a long-time Kitchen Parade reader wrote last week when I first talked about our month-long cooking adventure in Deep Mexico: Ingredient-Driven Mexican Meal Prep. (Hello, Linda O!)Funny thing is? For us, anyway, letting ingredients drive our meals is significantly simplifying our grocery shopping, meal planning, meal prep and cooking. With a limited number of ingredients and a focus on Mexican preparation styles, it all seems less overwhelming not more.
Take This Simple Fruit SaladSo before I share recipes that fit…

Deep Mexico: Ingredient-Driven Mexican Meal Prep

Come along as we dive deep into Mexican food for a month-long cooking and eating adventure. We're calling it "Deep Mexico," a concentrated effort to combine three food shopping, meal planning and meal prep techniques into good eats and good fun. We're only on Day Two so there's lots yet to come, including new recipes for both Kitchen Parade and A Veggie Venture. How will it all turn out? Will we make it to Day 30? Time will tell! Deep Mexico Quick Links ~ Pantry & Shopping List ~
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Getting Food to our Tables.It's a challenge for all of us, yes? Even for those of us who l-o-v-e to cook, the fact is that we spend less time actually cooking than the more mundane chores of "figuring out dinner" and "getting groceries" plus the dreaded "cleanup". It's not the cooking that wears us down, it's the planning, the shopping and the dishwashi…