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Best-Ever Caramel Cake

What a celebration cake! This recipe is worthy of birthdays, anniversaries, parties and other special occasions. It is extra-special because not only 'can' it be made ahead of time, it actually tastes better the second day. The cake itself is deep with vanilla, the icing dark and firm with the caramel that only comes from that special concoction of sugar, cream and butter. How'd I do? Even before making this gorgeous cake, I knew I'd try to set up the photo as seen in Food & Wine. Here's their inspiring shot! “Honey, it’s only a number,” chided my eighty-something neighbor when I once hesitated to answer the dreaded "How old are you?" question. "Well good," I thought. “Then I pick 37!” When it comes to age, I come from a family of liars. My cousin Lynda is now younger than her two grown sons. My clever cousin Barb is not 29, but 31. I liked her unusual choice so much that one year, I decided to turn 41 from 29 – but only afte

Recipe Makeover: Healthy Waldorf Salad

Who thinks the recipe for Waldorf Salad needs a massive makeover? I do, that’s who. And so will you, comparing the calories and Weight Watchers points for my makeover recipe versus a traditional recipe. Would you believe, a reduction of almost 75%? PS There's no sacrificing flavor, either. This salad tastes great! Mayonnaise plays the schoolyard bully in too many salads. “Taste me!” it shouts, punching us in the taste buds. “This salad is all about me-me-mayo!” In those mayo salads, mayonnaise overpowers the naturally shyer flavors, the ones that need room and a little coaxing to reach their full potential. A traditional Waldorf Salad is thick with mayonnaise, even though some recipes "thin" – ahem – the mayonnaise with sour cream. For my makeover recipe for Waldorf Salad, I’ve sent the bully that is mayo to the back of the fridge and substituted something lighter and sweeter, a little yogurt laced with vanilla. The result is a salad where the apples and