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Black Beans & Rice Skillet Casserole with Smoked Chicken

The Recipe: Late-summer casual comfort food, a simple rice and black bean casserole, amped up with smoky flavors, smoked chicken plus special smoky seasonings. Makes enough for a crowd, freezes beautifully too. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ How to Smoke a Chicken. Here's the one and only way I know to smoke a chicken. It's super-easy albeit some times it costs you. And it can take a few days. Here's how I do it. I say, "Honey, would you smoke a couple of chickens this weekend?" :-) Yes, "he" smokes the chickens, usually three or four since it's a several-hour process no matter how many. The first night, we invite family over to gorge on smoked chicken hot off the smoker. Smoky heaven, that dinner! Later that night, I throw a carcass or two into the stockpot with some water. A few hours later, the kitchen smells wonderful and there'll be a couple of quarts of chicken stock topped with chicken fat, what's called "schmaltz