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Best Recipes of 2012

My favorite recipes from 2012, just one "best" recipe per month. Made with "real food" (not processed food) and expressing that certain Kitchen Parade style, that means 'fresh' and 'easy' and 'healthy' and 'flavor-forward' and 'seasonal'. Weight Watchers, all Kitchen Parade recipes include Weight Watchers points and nutrition information! "My grandma always used to .... [fill in the blank]." I love this about kids: Do something memorable once or twice or three times and it fixes in memory as if experienced week-in-week-out for years. "My grandma always used to make pancakes in animal shapes. My grandma always kept an open bag of candy in a kitchen drawer, right in front where it was easy to get to." True stories. Here at Kitchen Parade, it is also true though that every year I "always" look back over the year's recipes and do my best, as hard as it is, to collect in one place what

Mini Tiramisu Cups with Pralines Recipe
(Cooked Eggs, No Raw Eggs)

A tiny serving of a decadent dessert, adding up to just a few calories, easy to make and perfect for New Years and other festive occasions. It's tiramisu – except that the eggs are cooked, not raw – served in little dessert cups, layered with ground pralines if you like or the more traditional cocoa powder if you prefer. Regular readers, remember how I promised a special dessert recipe based on Bourbon Pralines ? This is it! … therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee. -John Donne, 17th-century author The New Year Diet Bell is tolling, people, we hear it sounding in the back of our heads, dong, dong, dong. Just another slice of that Christmas ham? Dong. Another glass of Homemade Eggnog? Dong, dong. Paying extra attention to the Christmas cookie plate? Dong, dong, dong. Well hang on, all, because there are just one or two more holiday gatherings to steel ourselves through. Then for many of us, we can warily step back onto our