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Golden Coconut Cookies

Looking for a way to use up four egg yolks? It happens, every so often. And since way back, I actually look forward to having leftover egg yolks, knowing that a batch of Golden Coconut Cookies will soon emerge from the oven. They're sweet and crisp, a little chewy in the center. They're cinnamon-y too and in fact, remind me of snickerdoodles. A Simple Cookie, Sweet & Crisp, Bright with Cinnamon. Handy for Using Leftover Egg Yolks.

Chilaquiles Recipe

A classic Mexican breakfast with eggs, corn tortillas and melted cheese. A concept recipe with many variations. To quote my Nana, never one to pussyfoot, "It sure looks like the dog's breakfast." Luckily, chilaquiles [pronounced chee-lah-KEE-lehs] taste better than they look because this is classic comfort food: easy, quick, cheap, nourishing. The 'signature' of chilaquiles is pieces of corn tortilla, fried first and then softened -- but just a bit, some 'chew' is good -- in a milk 'n' cheese sauce. It might have some plant crunch, onion and celery or especially tomatilla, say. Add a fried egg to the top and you've got a hearty breakfast or a quick supper. Did I mention delicious and addictive? That too. Chilaquiles might 'look' like the dog's breakfast but all the humans will be lapping them up, pronto. ALANNA's TIPS Flour tortillas, even whole wheat tortillas, turn out more mealy than crispy. Queso fresco i

Lemon Basil Shrimp

Many folks like to work out. Me, I like to work outside. And when my garden is thick with leafy ferns in the spring and tall with lily-scented hostas about now, it’s all worthwhile. But much of the time, a yard with a garden is more about hauling than tending or even weeding. You know. Hauling dirt. Hauling mulch. Hauling plants. Hauling empty containers. Hauling chemicals, cords and clippings. Hauling yard bags. And this time of year, hauling hoses. And all too soon, hauling leaves and gumballs. Awhile back, a man I’ll call ‘Bill’ started passing by my place often and regularly enough to recognize that he walked for exercise and Kirkwood streets were his gym. One fine spring day, I was working on the mulch pile in the driveway when Bill passed by, nodding hello in that certain Midwestern-male way. “Like to help?” I asked, only half joking. Without breaking stride, he shot back, “Just bought a condo,” as if his answer explained all. It sure did, Bill, it sure did. Keep w

Thai Cantaloupe Salad

The Recipe: A refreshing summer salad, just cantaloupe balls with lime juice, fish sauce (yeah, I know, but you have to try it to believe it) , fresh basil and a touch of jalapeño heat. The Conversation: What's the word for August's food bounty? The last page of the Atlantic is my first read. It's a funny little column called "Word Fugitives" that conjures clever terms for conditions failed by the current lexicon. Example: If a husband is a packrat, what might we call his opposite? Readers suggested "wouldchuck" and "hurl squirrel" and the winning entry, "heave-homemaker". Ha! Me, my missing word would describe the food bounty that August's gardens and farmers markets deliver. It would suggest the satisfied moan that follows the first bite of fresh and simple food that just tastes so – not delicious, someplace past delicious. It conveys that there's simply no bad food right now, that everything that's fresh