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At Last! Black Bean Soup Recipe

Cooked on the Stove or in a Slow Cooker or "Slow Cooked in the Oven"
Have you ever looked and looked (and looked?!) for the perfect way to make a certain something? At Last! Black Bean Soup became my "only" black bean soup recipe, gracious! more than 20 years ago now and today is one of my "signature" recipes. It's super simple to make, just dried black beans, tomato, corn, potatoes and/or sweet potato and a touch of jalapeño. Some times I add ham hocks, other times I skip the meat for a vegan black bean soup that really lets the beans themselves stand out.

Fresh & Seasonal, Perfect for Cold-Weather Meals. Easily not just vegan, Vegan Done Real. Very Weight Watchers Friendly. Naturally Gluten Free. High Protein. Great for Meal Prep. Freezes Well.

Turkey Sweet Potato Soup

One of my oldest recipes, a healthy colorful soup made with sweet potatoes and leftover turkey. It's like a bowlful of fall color. And it's extra easy to make, there's no need to even sauté the onion and celery before adding the rest of the ingredients. Just chop 'em up and cook 'em! For the Weight Watchers? Just three or four points! For everyone? A very tasty satisfying soup, a great way to return to "normal eating".I'm republishing this 2003 recipe because it's such and a great way to use up leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Looking for more ways to use up leftover turkey? Check here for lots of ideas! Autumn is upon us. The air is crisp, the sky that shade-deeper autumn blue. The leaves are at their peak, dressed in their fall finery of russet and gold. The leaf tourists are about too, clogging the country roads and stopping for pie and coffee and a small-town welcome along the way. Here, the mums planted last year are in full flower. I think of th…

Pumpkin Bread Pudding

When picturing a Thanksgiving meal, my mind’s eye moves straight to the pumpkin pie, its crust golden and flaky, the filling tawny orange flecked with spicy brown. But some years, it’s good to part with tradition! Treat your family to this luscious bread pudding, if not for Thanksgiving then before or after. While it’s a bit homely looking, you’ll be licking the dish clean!The original recipe is what makes America obese: the portions were enormous and laden with fat and sugar! Even with half the calories and a third the fat, you’ll find the revised recipe generous and rich. ALANNA's TIPS Use fresh rather than stale bread – it will more easily soak up the pumpkin-infused egg and milk mixture. If the bread is crusty, think about removing the crust before tearing into cubes. For texture contrast, top with a few toasted pecans. If you bake ahead of time, reheat the pudding before serving. The sauce can easily be made in advance, then reheated. If you’ve wanted to experiment with…

Gourmet Mocha Cookies

One of my oldest cookie recipes, decadently chocolate and rich, almost like a brownie cookie or a fudge cookie. A 'must-make' for a Christmas cookie tray. PROBLEM: How do you get two pounds of chocolate home without it melting? SOLUTION: Eat it in the car.NUTRITION LOGIC: Chocolate comes from cocoa beans. Sugar comes from sugar cane and sugar beets. Beans, sugar cane and beets are vegetables. Therefore chocolate is a vegetable and a healthful diet should include 6 – 8 servings a day.TWELVE STEPS: Why isn’t there a Chocoholics Anonymous organization? Because no one wants to quit.Okay, okay, the jokes are pretty lame but if you’re a chocolate fiend, read on for you may have just discovered your favorite cookie. Gourmet Mocha Cookies are thick with chocolate, butter and eggs and have the consistency of mini flourless chocolate cakes. Coffee adds depth, vanilla adds sweetness. If you need a chocolate fix every day, you’ll make these year-round. ALANNA's TIPS The mini chips m…