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Seasonal Sundays: Summer Easy

Grab your calendar because hooray, there's summer free time ahead thanks to this week's "Summer Easy" recipe collection, where the motto is Less Cookin' & More Livin', complete with a Billie Holiday theme song. I hope you'll find one or two destined as "keepers" in your own summer-recipe repertoire.

Seasonal Sundays: Summery Spreads & Dips (Week 21)

Grab a cracker and settle in for a quick snack because this week, I aim to tempt your summer palate with a whole collection of spreads and dips that might be appetizers, might make a quick lunch, might add to a meal but are always easy to make and handy to have on hand to pull out of the fridge at the last minute. So many "keepers" in this week's recipes, I do so hope you love them!

"Spring-Pretty" Green Mayonnaise

A whole new way to think of mayonnaise. Just take your favorite mayo and blend it with fresh spinach and fresh herbs. It's a whole new taste! And spring pretty! Real Food, Fresh & Inventive. Just Three Ingredients. Mere Minutes to the Table. A Summer Classic. Not just easy, Summer Easy . Year-Round Kitchen Staple. Budget Friendly. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Great for Meal Prep. Great for Gifts. Easy DIY. Low Carb. Vegetarian, Easily Converted to Vegan.

Seasonal Sundays: Make It a Muffin Morning (Week 20)

Grab a coffee and set the oven to 350F because muffin temptation is nigh, so quick to mix, so fast to bake, so perfect for a pretty spring-summer weekend (dare I say weekday?) morning. This week's "Seasonal Seven" recipe collection is all my best muffin recipes, little darlings to munch on now (straight from the oven? swoon ...) and over the next day or two. Are one or two destined as "keepers" in your own recipe repertoire? Fingers crossed!

Protein Smoothies for Two

Wake up your summer mornings with quick 'n' easy protein-packed smoothies that fill a blender with 40 grams of protein for about 400 calories. Here my husband and I split a blenderful, upping our protein intake with a big glass for him, a small one for me. These smoothies call for everyday ingredients plus a protein powder (either PBFit or Orgain); lean into high-protein dairy (buttermilk and yogurt); and are sweetened with fruit, think banana, strawberries and peaches (our favorites). For these breakfast smoothies, maximizing protein is the goal, not an after-thought. A Healthy Daily Habit, Mere Minutes to the Table. Hearty & Filling. Not just easy, Summer Easy . A New Addition to The Homemade Pantry , a Kitchen Parade Specialty. Easily Adapted to Your Family's Tastebuds & Protein and Calorie Needs. Budget Friendly. Perfect When Cooking for One or Two . Easy DIY. Low Fat. High Protein. Vegetarian. Naturally Gluten Free. What're you waiting for?! So Good!!

Seasonal Sundays: Reveling in Rhubarb (Week 19)

Hey all, grab a cup of coffee and let me tempt us all with a whole bundle of rhubarb recipes from this lifelong-lover of rhubarb. Pies? Of course. Muffins and cakes? Naturally. But there are a few surprises too, recipes that highlight rhubarb's distinctive color (anyone see a resemblance between rhubarb and Kitchen Parade's color theme?) and coveted "rhubarb sour". Will you find a "keeper" or two or three right here today? Here's hoping!