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Slow Cooker Caramelized Onions:
Sweet, Dark & Memorable!

Memorable, these onions, just thin slices of onion cooked til soft and dark and sweet in the slow cooker. My recipe is "extra-special" (I think! I hope you'll agree!) thanks to a little brown sugar and a little dry sherry and now "extra-easy" too thanks to the slow cooker. “Do you still make your three-hour onions?” asked my cousin’s wife Sue when she and Jerry visited this summer.Wow, mighty-memorable onions, my Caramelized Onions. Because, get this, I last made Caramelized Onions for Jerry and Sue, hmm, more than twelve years ago.A Texan taught me to slice piles of onions for Caramelized Onions: they “made” my homemade fajitas, worth the three hours of slow-simmering on the stove to release a golden-dark, decidedly tasty mess of onions.But these days, I’ve traded up from three hours on the stove for eight hours in the slow cooker.Caramelized Onions are one of those special “building blocks” that make a home cook’s kitchen so productive. Use the onions a spoon…

Oaxaca Tlayuda (Flat Tacos)

So "Flat Taco" is much easier to pronounce than "Oaxaca Tlayuda" but give [wa-HA-ka tlay-OO-da] a try, it's got a rhythm to it! And Tlayuda are super easy to make! All summer, I've been topping one crispy corn tortilla after another, each one different, each one decidedly delicious. Tlayuda are an excellent way to use up leftovers, the quick Black Bean Spread itself is not to be missed. Taco Tuesday, anyone? Enjoy!

Real Food. Easily Veg(etari)an. Low Cal. High Protein. Weight Watchers Friendly. Gluten Free. Year-Round Kitchen Staple. Quick Supper.

Should Cooked Pork Be Pink? Yes and No.

So here's the question. Should pork still be "pink" after it's cooked? Am I straddling the fence by answering sometimes "yes" and sometimes "no"? My reasoning just might surprise you ... and I'd love to know yours, too. Please do chime in ...