Homemade Egg McMuffin
Surprise: The Egg Is Cooked in the Microwave!

Thank my sister for this fast and healthy breakfast idea — her Homemade Egg McMuffin recipe creates an unexpected ‘wow’ factor. Start with sheer deliciousness then add healthy, cheap and substantial. And the eggs themselves? They’re cooked in the microwave! It’s no wonder that my sister’s family makes special requests for her ‘Egg McMoms’. They’re fabulous, simply fabulous.

Homemade Egg McMuffin Cooked in the Microwave
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My sister Adanna raised two strapping always-hungry boys on a budget. No surprise, she developed an arsenal of frugal meal ideas – techniques too basic, really, to call ‘recipes’ but healthy food on the table, nonetheless.

But call me amazed when she shared how to cook an egg in the microwave to yield an eggy disk exactly the right size and tender texture for a Homemade Egg McMuffin.

No wonder her boys call these quick and healthy breakfast sandwiches ‘Egg McMoms’.

All that’s needed is a Pyrex liquid measuring cup, the practical one-cup size. Find for $2 - $3 in nearly any grocery store.

But don’t get the idea that Homemade English Muffins are ‘better’ just because they’re cheaper and made with whole ingredients. They’re ‘better’ because they taste better, way way WAY better.

MORE QUICK IDEAS for ENGLISH MUFFIN MEALS One summer, I lived in a fraternity while going to summer school. The big commercial kitchen could easily feed 100 but I lived on English muffins and a toaster. My favorites were English muffins smeared with peanut butter, English muffin sandwiches made with liver sausage, mayonnaise and lettuce or slices of ripe tomatoes and cheese. All these years later, I still love English Muffin sandwiches!

ALANNA’s TIPS Microwave wattages vary – so the first time you make Homemade Egg McMuffins, watch to see what works, timing wise. The cheese will melt a bit all on its own, just put it between the hot muffin and the hot egg. If you’re watching calories, check the nutrition labels on English muffin packages. I buy 120-calorie muffins but have seen them as high as 250. To save a few more calories, eat an open-face Homemade Egg McMuffin. Whole wheat English muffins are wonderful and worth seeking out and paying a little more for. No English muffins? No problem. A tortilla would work, so would two slices of bread or a corn muffin.
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Real Food, Fast:

Hands-on time: 5 minutes
Time to table: 5 minutes
Serves 1
    (cost estimate $.70 versus - anyone know the current price of an Egg McMuffin?)
  • 1 English muffin, toasted
  • 1 slice cheese
  • 1 slice ham
    (cost estimate $.60)
  • 1 English muffin, toasted
  • 1 slice tomato
  • 1 handful alfalfa sprouts
  • Cooking spray
  • 1/2 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1/2 tablespoon chopped onion or 1 green onion, chopped
  • 1 large egg
  • Salt & pepper to taste

FIXINGS Drop the English muffin into the toaster. (No toaster? ‘Toast’ the English muffins, brush the cut-sides with a little oil, then ‘toast’ cut-side down in a skillet.) Have the other fixings ready to go, this is going to move fast.

MICROWAVE EGG For easier clean up later, spray a one-cup Pyrex liquid measuring cup with cooking spray, the bottom and up the sides a bit. Add the oil and green onion, cook in the microwave on high for about 15 seconds, just until soft. Add the egg, salt and pepper, whisk well with a fork. Return to the microwave, cook for 10 seconds, stir, then cook for 10 seconds at a time until done, as few as 10 or 20 more seconds, as much as a minute.

SANDWICH TIME! Lift the egg out with a fork onto the English muffin. Add the fixings. Dig in, tis time to eat!

NUTRITION ESTIMATES (How many calories in a Homemade Egg McMuffin? How many Weight Watchers points in Homemade Egg McMuffin?) Per Sandwich, made with traditional fixings/healthy fixings/egg only: 306/219/95 Calories; 13/8/6g Tot Fat; 5/2/2g Sat Fat; 233/211/211mg Cholesterol; 957/523/142mg Sodium; 28/27/1g Carb; 2/3/0g Fiber; 2/3/1g Sugar; 19/11/6g Protein; Weight Watchers 7/4.5/3 points
(How many calories in a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin? How many Weight Watchers points in a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin?) Per Egg McMuffin: 300 Calories; 12g Tot Fat; 5g Sat Fat; 235mg Cholesterol; 840mg Sodium; 29g Carb; 2g Fiber; 3g Sugar; 18g Protein; Weight Watchers 7 points (Source)

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My daughter got me a Back to Basics toaster for Christmas a couple of years ago. It has an egg cooker attached. It is easy to poach an egg and heat a slice of cooked ham or Canadian bacon while the English muffin is toasting. The egg is cooked very evenly and comes out a perfect size to fit the muffin. Now Paula Deen and Westbend have similar toasters. Amazon sells all of these.

I'm in chemotherapy now for squamous cell cancer. I try to minimize use of the microwave in my cooking. This toaster is perfect for what I need to make a quick breakfast. For poaching, it will make two eggs at one time. It will also make hard or soft boiled eggs or you can steam single servings of vegetables.
I have a microwave egg cooker that cooks 2 eggs at a time. I am not very happy with how they look, but between the english muffin, they aren't very visible.
You do have to 'poke' the yolk before cookihg or they tend to explode. Who would'a thunk it to 'scramble' the egg first. I learned something today! A good day!
I love the idea of the sprouts and the green onions and will incorporate those in mine.
Hubby is a traditionalist and doesn't like those 'squiggly green' things that taste like peas. He doesn't like peas much either, come to think of it....unless it is made into green pea soup! Go figure!
My favourite is Elliott
Braunschweiger (with butter and mayo), Clausen's Bread and Butter pickle rounds with lettuce, a tomato slice and sprouts! Talk about heaven in your mouth! Try that one. Even on regular toast. English muffin bread or a good hearty dark pumpernikel is a treat toasted with all those goodies.
Huggs, Cait
My best wishes for your chemo and cancer. Remember that chemotherapy can't be all that bad....it has 'Mother' in the middle for all that it entails.
You have a marvelous daughter in getting you that gift. I wanted one as soon as I saw the advertising came out.
I still don't have one.
Guess I had better put it on my wish list. You have given me a wonderful list of how to use it.
My best to you, Cait
I roll my eyes at those copycat recipes, but this one sounds delicious! I like the healthy version best.
Interesting post! Cooking eggs in microwave is tricky. I like it!
Dave ~ Your toasted sounds just perfect, perfect, for a "one pot" breakfast. What a good daughter ... all the best with your chemotherapy, I hope you keep your tastebuds, it makes a huge difference.

Cait ~ My sister's a genius, isn't she? I need to check to see if you have two measuring cups, if they can cook together. If it's "squiggly green things" your husband doesn't go for, maybe he'd like the chopped onion my sister uses? PS Thanks for your sweet note to Dave!

Anonymous ~ Thanks, me too! This to me isn't a copycat, it's a made-better, keeping the convenience, keeping it at home.

Ellie ~ Until now, I would have said that cooking eggs in a microwave is tricky. But this, this is just too easy. Try it, you'll see!
McDee's sausage and egg mcmuffin is my favorite breakfast~only reason I go to Mcdonalds. I actually eat it 3 to 5x week. Thanks for the homemade version. Thank you, thank you for saving my waist.
I do something similar, but put the egg/cheese/whatever combo from the microwave between 2 Eggo waffles fresh out of the toaster.

And instead of spraying the bowl to cook the egg in, I just use some wax paper sprayed with Pam to line the bowl and add the raw egg mixture to that. Zero egg residue in the bowl. Works like a dream!
Just wanted to share with you the success of your sister's egg method for breakfast eggs.
When asked what hubby wants for breakfast, he says 'your microwave eggs'. That is due to you and your reporting that your sister just mixes the eggs up and puts them in glass bowls.
I now do the same, spraying them with Pam butter spray first, then adding one scallion for the three egg bowls and about a 1/2 oz shredded sharp cheddar after they are cooked. Hubby really likes his eggs that way and it's good, as I don't have a stove top (glass top is cracked) and cook an awful lot in the microwave or the electric skillet.
I have trouble getting eggs out of the skillet (it is not a non-stick electric frying pan) unless they are semi fried/poached. I add butter, start the eggs, then add water to 'steam' them done. I like them that way and we both like them cooked with the yolks hard.
But with your sister's method, that is how he asks for his breakfast eggs now, all the time.
Thanks, and be sure to tell your sister a big Thank you too.

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