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Finnish Whole-Wheat Flatbread

When I looked up how to spell flatbread (one word or two? was the question – flatbread, one word, is the answer), I was surprised to see the note, "traditional in Scandinavia". Do you think of flat breads – ahem, flatbread – as universal? So do I. Nonetheless, my flatbread recipe is from Finland, a rustic favorite from when I lived there as an exchange student way back forever ago. It's a tender savory quick bread, just right to serve warm with a bowl of soup or alongside a salad or, with tea, say, for breakfast. There’s nothing quite like hot bread to say “welcome home” to a hungry family. Finnish Whole-Wheat Flatbread is plain cooking at its best. It’s best hot, too, so make only enough for the meal at hand and perhaps for snacking within the next day. Nervous about kneading? Don't be! Busy cooks often do two things at once: think of kneading as feeding your family and exercising your upper arms at the same time! If you’re new to kneading bread, it