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Blueberry Cake

The Recipe: A moist simple cake dolloped with gently cooked fresh blueberries that turn thick and jammy in the oven. No mixer required! The Conversation: There are so-so many old-fashioned blueberry cakes, many with funny names! What should I call mine? Spoiler Alert: I'm going with plain Blueberry Cake. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

What to Call This Blueberry Dessert?This easy blueberry cake / blueberry dessert needs a name! I consulted the dictionary of all the summer fruit desserts – aka Serious Eats – and remain thoroughly confounded. But I did learn what my blueberry cake is NOT.
What It's NotBlueberry cobbler – with its biscuit toppingBlueberry crisp – with its crumb toppingBlueberry betty – with its buttered breadcrumb toppingBlueberry buckle – where the berries sink to the bottomBlueberry boy bait – so good! with its cake-y textureBlueberry coffeecake – I love Mom's Blueberry Coffeecake, also more cake-yBlueberry slump or blueberry pandowdy – with biscuit or dum…