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UPDATE 11:00am Wednesday 4/21 I just now realized that some links are not working properly. For example, if you start on the Recipe Box page and click Mother's Day, you will reach not the Mother's Day recipes but instead the main holiday page, necessitating an extra click to get to Mother's Day. I'm checking to see if there is an automated way to re-instate these links but it's likely to require manual updates, page by page, link by link.

FINAL UPDATE 6:00am Monday 4/19 So, yes, "we got it!" I've been testing multiple browsers all weekend long, all things look normal. The one exception is that I'm getting 'some' (but not all) reports that the Internet Explorer 6 browser is displaying pages without the proper formatting. I've checked stats, a small percentage of Kitchen Parade readers use this version of Internet Explorer which was released back in 2001. My site has always been quirky with IE6, unfortunately, there is not much I can do about this, other than to gently suggest updating the browser to something more current.

That said, if you experience something unusual, please don't hesitate to let me know via, I'll get on it right away. Many thanks to readers for your patience and understanding throughout the weekend as things moved from wonky to wonkier off and on. For about 12 hours, the site was effectively 'down'. Oh this was hard!

Special warm thanks to Chuck Croll who prowls the Blogger Help Forum as "nitecruzr" and writes The Real Blogger Status, also to Brett Wiltshire from the Blogger Product Management team, for their support over the weekend. Many many many thanks, guys.

UPDATE 1:30pm Friday 4/16 The technology changes have been made. It is likely that for some while, the site will have a strange appearance (for those who are technical, the CSS will be inaccessible) and no photographs will appear. But I'm working on it. Many thanks to the folks from both Blogger and Network Solutions for their patient assistance today so far!

UPDATE 3:00pm All links in the Recipe Box are broken. They CAN be retrieved, although inconveniently, I realize, by manually adding a www to the browser address. For example if the link is, simply insert a www, like this I apologize for the inconvenience.

UPDATE 5:15pm All links in the Recipe Box are restored (whew). Photographs are AWOL for awhile although I have restored the Kitchen Parade header so you'll know you're in the right place. The site does not like having its page refreshed, try not to do that, or open the page in a new tab or window. Comments have disappeared but I'm told will magically re-appear over the next days. Again, thanks so much for your understanding and patience.

UPDATE 5:45pm The site is largely unreadable in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Readers who have access to Safari, it is displaying quite well in that browser. I'm so sorry.

UPDATE 7:00am Saturday 4/17 "By George, I think we've got it!" I believe we have the right fix in place, now, so that the site will act quite normally. This will take some hours to populate across browsers but finally, there is hope. Off to make muffins!


On Friday, April 16, Kitchen Parade will undergo some mandatory behind-the-scenes technology changes. I have been testing like crazy to anticipate and minimize the impact on readers and visitors, but still, would like you to know what's happening just in case something unexpected arises.

E-MAIL & RSS READERS, YOU WILL RECEIVE ONE STRANGE MESSAGE, PLEASE IGNORE IT As soon as the technology changes are made, both e-mail and RSS readers are likely to receive a techno-speak gobblety-gook message -- so sorry, I have no control over the message itself or the fact that it will send. The message will say something like:

"This blog is now located at __FTP_MIGRATION_NEW_URL__. You will be automatically redirected in 30 seconds, or you may click here. For feed subscribers, please update your feed subscriptions to __FTP_MIGRATION_FEED_URL__."

OTHERWISE, ALL SHOULD BE NORMAL If all goes well, the technology changes will be invisible to readers and you'll be able to navigate the site just as you always have without a single hitch or glitch.

If anything does go awry, I will update this message at Kitchen so you'll know what's going on.

Many thanks for your understanding and patience, it is much appreciated.

~ Alanna 4/15/10 2pm

PS For reader convenience, I have tried to provide this entire message without need to click through onto the website to read. Given technical issues associated with the mandatory changes, I'm so sorry, I'm not sure if I've been successful or not. Still, I'm publishing the message, wanting to err on the side of keeping readers informed, even if less conveniently than I'd prefer. Again, thanks for your patience.

WISH ME LUCK! I'd much rather spend the weekend taking pictures of cute little guys like these. The next time you'll hear from me is when a new recipe is published!

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Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

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  1. It looks like you made it..congratulations!
    Must have been a nightmare...
    best, Stephen


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