For Clean, Sharp Tomato Slices, Invest in a Tomato Knife:
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Ever struggle with ragged edges on sliced tomatoes? For anyone who loves summer's best ripe tomatoes, consider investing in a tomato knife, a short serrated knife that cuts tomatoes into clean, sharp slices.

For sharp, clean tomato slices, pick up a tomato knife, a short serrated knive. Another Quick Tip from Kitchen Parade.

This is the latest in an occasional series of posts I call "One Quick Tip" ... because, well, each one includes just a single quick tip, quick to absorb, easy to adopt, memorable to use.

Do you have One Quick Tip you'd like to share? Leave a comment or send me a quick e-mail via This time, I'd love to hear about an inexpensive kitchen tool that you find indispensable, one that really makes life easier, one that's worth keeping around even if it has just a single purpose. Old or new, big or small, I'd love to know what's useful in your own kitchen!

SUMMER TOMATOES ARE (SOON?) HERE! Just yesterday, we harvested the season's very first tomato from our backyard garden here in eastern Missouri, a sweet golden tomato with great color and heft. Did we do the happy dance? You bet! Wish us luck keeping the resident groundhog and box turtle away from the tomatoes, if so, in a couple of weeks, it'll be tomato heaven around here.

WHAT IS A TOMATO KNIFE? A tomato knife has a short, serrated blade. It cuts through tomatoes like butter, especially compared to non-serrated knives which tend to tear tomatoes apart.

WHEN TO USE A TOMATO KNIFE You'll use a tomato knife all summer long for cleanly slicing tomatoes for:
BLTs (where I definitely recommend Homemade Mayonnaise)
Caprese salads like Insalate Caprese
Impressive but ever-so-simple dishes like Tomatoes & Fresh Mozzarella for a Crowd
Scandinavian-style open-faced sandwiches (see the photo above?!)
Cutting cherry and grape tomatoes into halves or quarters

NOT JUST FOR TOMATOES In just a few days, I've started to pull out the tomato knife again and again. So far, I'm loving it for:
Cutting small loaves of bread like French baguettes
Cutting the kernels off ears of corn, you know, like How to Cut Corn Off the Cob, Keeping All Ten Fingers, Capturing Every Delicious Kernel and Every Drop of Sweet Corn 'Milk'
Slicing soft fruit like peaches, nectarines, plums and grapes
Slicing angel food cake and other tender cakes into thin slices without mashing

THAT'S IT! Really! One Quick Tip!

Except Just Another Quick Thing or Two

Gift bags from Fiskars, filled with Fiskars knives, including my new favorite tomato knife.

FISKARS TOMATO KNIFE My tomato knife was "swag" from Fiskars, the Finnish company many of us know for their orange-handled scissors, I've had three different sizes of Fiskars scissors since living in Finland as an exchange student for a year back in the 1970s! Fiskars has a long, long history of manufacturing quality "sharp blades" like knives dating back to the 1800s when it made the famous "puukko knives". Fiskars was a much-appreciated sponsor for the photography workshop I attended during our recent trip to the Baltic.

FUNNY STORY What did we bring home from our trip to the Baltic? Knives, knives and more knives! First there were seven handmade Finnish "puukko" knives for gifts plus then, surprise surprise, another seven Fiskars knives. For the flight home, we wrapped all the knives carefully in a small bag with other gifts and tourist-style purchases – obviously, the bag needed to be checked, it definitely wasn't hand luggage! Is it any wonder, however, that when we opened the bag at home, the TSA left a notice that it had searched the bag? All those knives must have set off some warning bells!

DISCLOSURE For the record, this is NOT a sponsored post. As always, the opinions are my own. Fiskars gifted knives to all the workshop participants with no requirement or even expectation of coverage. I've never owned a tomato knife before, I'm so glad I do now! (My Disclosure Promise)

So So Ready for Summer Tomatoes

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Alanna Kellogg

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  1. Oh I am loving those Fiskars knives. They are light and have a real cutting edge. Like you I particularly like the serrated one too. I have 2 already (other brands) but ever since I have held this one ... it feels like an extension of the hand.
    I also wonder what the people at the airport behind the screening screens think when they see the stuff people carry home with them! On the way to Finland I had German sausages and on the way back I had all those knives and salmon!

  2. Meeta ~ What those airport screeners must see! I suspect knives and sausages and salmon are the least of it!

  3. Anonymous4/24/2015

    These tomato knife or tomato slicers are very essential kitchen knives to be added to your modular kitchen accessories.


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