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What a Match!

The day has finally arrived! Last night I "flipped the switch" and Kitchen Parade's Weight Watchers recipe page is now sorted by Freestyle points!

Weight Watchers Recipes from Kitchen Parade,  sorted by Freestyle points, including SmartPoints, PointsPlus & Old Points and Net Carbs. Seven hundred+ well-tested family recipes for everyday and special occasions.

Kitchen Parade & Weight Watchers Go Waaaay Back

Back in 2002, when I first started writing Kitchen Parade — did you know that it was my mom's column first, dating way to when I was a baby?! — my goal was was to share "fresh seasonal recipes for everyday healthy living and occasional indulgences". I stand by that, still today!

But back then, nobody but nobody included nutrition information with recipes, let alone Weight Watchers points.

But I did — nutrition and Weight Watchers points both — right from the beginning, starting Day One.

And all these years later, call me thrilled that even my oldest recipes remain so Weight Watchers friendly and totally Freestyle friendly. I guess that's what happens when you combine lean proteins with vegetables and reasonable portion sizes!

Anyway, check out the old+new page, it has the same URL so your old bookmarks still work. But now, it's sorted by Weight Watchers' freestyle points, Weight Watchers recipe page. I think you'll discover some new favorites, just like that!

A Long Time Coming

Kitchen Parade is well-known for its Recipe Box pages, super-organized lists of recipes sorted by course, by regional and world cuisines, by holiday, by year and ever so useful, by ingredient. The whole idea is to make it super-easy for home cooks to find the right recipe, fast, without wading through pages and pages and pages of photos.

The top Recipe Box page? Kitchen Parade recipes sorted by Weight Watchers points! Up until yesterday, this page used an old WW point system for sorting. But now, finally, the recipes are sorted by Freestyle points, Weight Watchers newest point system and point calculations.

This is the latest step in bringing Kitchen Parade up to snuff in the contemporary blogging world. The first step was getting Kitchen Parade mobile friendly, that happened back in January. Then began the recipe-by-recipe cleanup effort needed after that conversion, I'm more than 25% done, the magic number that would flip the switch.

Lots will be familiar, recipes sorted first by points, then by course; for main dishes, there are lots of subcategories because again, you have chicken and you want to find the right recipe, fast.

I've also built a new tool, does this format Sample Recipe (100cal–WW1–PP2–SP3–FS0-NC7) make sense?! I hope you find it useful! Plus, fingers-crossed that it also makes it easier to stay up-to-date when Weight Watchers makes its next point-calculation change.

Frankly, all this was planned/budgeted for three years ago but like so many of my "best of plans" got put on hold when my now 93-year old father came to live with us. It's just been since Christmas, when he moved into a senior living center, that I've been able to focus my time and energy on both Kitchen Parade and A Veggie Venture. I'm making up for lost time!

So look around, enjoy! There's more to come! :-)

Will You Help Spread the Word?

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