A Healthy Celebration of Late-Summer Bounty

A classic recipe for ratatouille, made with eggplant, peppers, tomato, olives, mushrooms, peppers. One of my very favorite late-summer dishes and yes, this is the dish that made the 2007 movie Ratatouille such a hit! Low carb, very Weight Watchers friendly!
"... it was delicious." ~ Sally
Now that the nights are cool again at last, there are other sure signs of autumn’s onset. Goldenrod swaying in the sun. A hint of russet peaking through green hillsides with southern exposures. The familiar V of waterfowl migrating south. Another is the abundance at the farmers’ market – and the grocery store – now overflowing with the last of late-summer fruits and vegetables and the first of fall’s fresh, pungent apples and firm, earthy squashes. Truly, we are blessed by bounty.Pair plump eggplant with vine-ripened tomatoes for this week’s seasonal dish, ratatouille. Pronounced [ra-tuh-TOO-ee], it’s a side dish that originated in the Provence region of southern France but is p…

Cheese Gnocchi Pie

This was my first Kitchen Parade column! It was published in 2002 in the Baudette Region, the newspaper where my mom wrote Kitchen Parade for twelve years. Today I wouldn't call this "gnocchi" for it's a far cry from the authentic Italian dumplings. But I still make it – it's definitely delicious, like cheesy polenta. [Update: But maybe it's more authentic than it appears, scroll down to the bottom of the page to read the comment from Karen.]
"It was so tasty & my picky partner gobbled it up, too!" ~ Jessica
"... our kids (now in college), who won't eat polenta or grits or anything like that, but they love this." ~ Karen Welcome back, Kitchen Parade!Long-time Region readers will remember when my mom, Shirley Kellogg, introduced this column in 1959.Mom was a young wife and new mother then, also a home economist finding her place in a small town. Week in, week out, she wrote the column for twelve years and only stopped wh…

About Kitchen Parade

Kitchen Parade is the food and recipe column written by Alanna Kellogg, a second-generation food writer and a home cook in a home kitchen in suburban St. Louis. It features fresh seasonal recipes for everyday healthful eating and occasional indulgences.Alanna also writes A Veggie Venture, the food blog about vegetables and a weekly column for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. But of course, there's more to the story.A Mother's LegacyMy mother started Kitchen Parade in 1959 for the weekly newspaper serving my hometown, a Minnesota-Ontario border town of just 1600 people. Mom was a young wife and a new mother then, also a home economist and city girl finding her place in a small town. Week in, week out, she wrote the column for twelve years and only stopped when our family moved away. When my parents returned twenty years later, Mom was tickled when local cooks would stop on the street to welcome her home and add, “I got my favorite recipe for such-‘n’-such from your column.” When I v…