Mini Coffee Cookies

Guilty as charged. Yes, this cook's been known to sample the cookie dough. (You too?) But here's the cookie dough that taught me an unexpected lesson. “Never judge a book by its cover,” is an age-old aphorism. With this little cookie, I learned a similar lesson, “Never judge a cookie by its dough.” What baker doesn’t sneak a small bit of cookie dough from the mixing bowl? Some bakers – no names, please, to protect the sweet-toothed guilty – are known to make cookies that never actually reach the oven because the entire batch is eaten as raw dough! Mini Coffee Cookies are a new cookie for me, made for the first time before Christmas. Despite combining two favorite flavors, coffee and currants, the dough itself was a disappointment. Not to worry, I told myself, it can happen. But when I sampled the first cookie, still warm from the oven, it was a disappointment too. What cookie doesn’t taste good warm?! Mini Coffee Cookies, that’s what. But there’s a happy ending. Thi

Caraway Corned Beef with
Red Potatoes, Carrot Chunks & Cabbage Wedges

The Recipe: Perfect for St. Patrick's Day, the entire meal, corned beef slow-cooked on the stovetop, served with red potatoes, carrot chunks, cabbage wedges and at my house, a simple cheese sauce to pull it all together. This is meat 'n' potatoes man-pleasing menu! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ COMPLIMENTS! "This is an excellent recipe ..." ~ Anonymous Add yours, leave a comment, below! You Either Love It or Hate It. Corned beef. You either love it or hate it. Or you like how it tastes but hate how it smells while cooking. This recipe has been tested on all three groups and passes with high marks. And in my book, it’s good enough to eat on any cold night when you crave simple, flavorful fare. But if your house is home to leprechauns, try this for St. Patrick’s Day next week. It’s heavy on vegetables, which, along with the meat, are delicious topped with a simple cheese sauce. You'll Love My Caraway Corned Beef If You're ...

Lavosh - Armenian Cracker Bread

Lavosh is a cracker bread, crisp, slightly sweet and (if I may say so) addictive. It's handy to have on hand and keeps for several weeks. Lavosh is pronounced LAH-voshe (though my family calls is la-vosh, no accent) and is some times spelled in other ways, including lavash and lahvosh. This recipe comes from my dear Auntie Gloria, she's been making lavosh for many many years, it's definitely a family favorite! It's easy to make and keeps for weeks. COMPLIMENTS! "Yummo! ... Definitely a keeper." ~ LeAnne via Facebook Ever tried a new recipe and liked it so much you made it again right away? Such was the case for my mom’s family’s version of lavosh, an Armenian cracker bread. While there are other recipes by the same name that call for yeast and thus yield a result more-bread-than-cracker, this is a true cracker, thin, crunchy, a tiny bit sweet. And did I mention addictive? That too. Serve lavosh with cheese and fruit or alongside a hearty