Thick Chops with Mustard Crust

The Recipe: This is one of my very oldest recipes, the way I've been cooking my family's favorite "Iowa chops" in the oven for ever so long. The chops are topped with a mustardy crust of mustard (naturally!), bread crumbs and fresh herbs. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

This 2003 column was published online for the first time in 2007 to accompany a special piece, The Heartbeat of Iowa, about my recent trip to Iowa to visit some "happy pigs". Simple But Special.Here’s a recipe destined to become a household staple because of its simplicity and flexibility.It’s simple enough for weeknight fare but special enough for guests. It makes up in minutes and can be made in advance.Most of all, the recipe invites your culinary creativity.Out of mustard? That’s okay, substitute a tangy horseradish sauce. No parsley? Try rosemary or tarragon or cilantro or oregano or … French bread crumbs are soft and delightful but what about trying rye or pumpernickel? No time to make b…

Light Tomato Basil Quiche Recipe

The Recipe: My favorite light quiche recipe, the one I make again and again in both summer and winter. Not only is it a healthy, vegetarian and light quiche recipe, it's a make-ahead quiche recipe too! Perfect for the busy family or a harried hostess. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

Not Eating Meat vs Being a Vegetarian: Are They Different?Do you watch for recipes for meatless main-dish recipes? I bypassed meat for some years – I didn't call myself a vegetarian because the very word implied so much more than simply not eating meat – so have many in my recipe collection.I’m a regular carnivore again but this Light Tomato Basil Quiche recipe remains a favorite for brunch and light suppers. With just three eggs, low-fat mozzarella and protein-rich evaporated skim milk, it’s a light quiche recipe but still tastes quite rich, thanks to the onion-tomato-cheese-basil flavors.In fact, you can use the same basic formula of 3 eggs, 1 cup milk (thickened with a little cornstarch) and 8 o…

Asian Chicken Salad

A quick salad supper, so easy to make that my friend Ann calls it a "supper saver". The homemade Asian Vinaigrette is bright with cilantro, ginger, lime juice and soy sauce, a welcome departure from typical mayonnaise-heavy chicken salad recipes.

Fast & Adaptable. Fresh & Seasonal. Weight Watchers Friendly. High Protein.

Tomato Soup Vegetable Salad

My grandmother's favorite salad from the 1960s, decidedly retro, in fact, "double retro" for today's real-food sensibility. But does it remain a personal favorite? You bet.
~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

Does a Retro Salad Deserve a Place in Today's Recipe Box?Back in the 1960s when this was my Gramma Kellogg’s favorite summer salad, the "salad" sections in our church cookbooks listed one jello salad after another, many with marshmallows and Cool Whip. Some "salads", eh? At least Gramma's salad included some vegetables, albeit in skimpy amounts, a tablespoon of onion, half a green pepper, half a cucumber, a touch of celery, and so on.But truth be told, I loved her salad too and made it at least once a summer, ignoring its calorie-laden jiggly goodness.Then some time in the 1990s, I adapted Gramma's salad for all the new-fangled "diet" and "healthy" ingredients: sugar-free gelatin, low-fat tomato soup, reduced-fat c…