Butter Tart Bars

My mother's recipe for the classic Canadian dessert, Butter Tarts, here in easy-to-make bars. Rich, easy, delicious and perfect for dainty trays.
"... they were wonderful!" ~ Beverly
"Your mom's recipe looks a lot like one my gran made often for Christmas care packages." ~ Jacqueline
When my mother was young, every little cafĂ© in Canada served butter tarts, buttery pastry filled with a caramel syrup and, some say "Yes!", some say "No way!" raisins.Last summer, I pulled into Sprague, the Minnesota-Manitoba border stop that from the road appears more like a dusty gas station than a small town.The Grey Goose still pulls through Sprague twice a week, not twice a day as it did during the years when Mom pinned a note to my coat to put me on the bus at one end and Nana fetched me at the other. I knew to sit at the front far from the smelly restroom and smokers. I knew to beg my dad for a quarter for a Macintosh Toffee at the midway…

Turkey Wild Rice Casserole

My long-time go-to wild rice casserole, perfect with after-Thanksgiving leftover turkey. So let’s talk turkey.We perch in separate broods, the crowd which loves Thanksgiving dinner and the gang which holds out for Thanksgiving leftovers. Last year, I might have been the happiest person not cooking a turkey. That’s because I stuffed myself at dinner and then came home with the carcass of a fifteen-pound bird that the next day yielded ten cups of stock and nearly as much meat.So keep your brined and roasted and smoked and deep-fried turkeys fresh-sliced for the holiday table.Just send me home with nothing but bones to feast for weeks, starting with sandwiches and warmed-overs before moving onto hot soup and pot pie and exotic-sounding, if you think about it, plain-fare turkey tetrazzini (like my mom's recipe for Turkey Tetrazzini) and turkey enchiladas.But most years, the choice is a comfort-food casserole, a one-dish supper that’ll hold over the leftover-lovin’ turkeys til next year…