Pork & Poblano Skillet with
Creamy Slow-Cooker Beans

Chile warmth for chilly nights - but not too hot! This recipe combines quick-cooked pork with a succulent sauce that's warmed (just warmed, not heated) with a little roasted poblano. For years, I peeked at the pepper piles in the produce section, sure that even proximity was ‘too hot’ for comfort. Slowly if unsurely, I experimented with one then another.So far, my favorite pepper is the dusky-dark poblano, whose green skin is almost black, whose roasted flesh warms not burns. In Pork & Poblano Skillet, just one adds a seductive smoky sweetness. Both of today’s recipes are my adaptations from a favorite new cookbook, Mexican Everyday by Rick Bayless. Authentic Mexican ingredients are increasingly easy to find and worth seeking out! CREAMY SLOW-COOKER BEANS Introduce your family to the nothing-like-canned taste of home-cooked dried beans. Just stir eight ounces of rinsed dried black (or navy or red kidney) beans, a chopped white onion, a tablespoon of bacon fat or butter with fiv…

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(Tiapinno - Herbed Fish Stew)

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Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

This Valentines, whisper "I love you" with home-baked cookies baked with love and, well – cinnamon! My recipe for cinnamon-y butter cookies (many people call them Snickerdoodles!) is specially written for new bakers who might wonder, Why does a recipe say that? What do they mean by that? You have questions, now you have answers!
COMPLIMENTS! "... they are delicious!" ~ Angela
"... they were excellent." ~ Susan
"These cookies are delish. My 2 1/2 year old who doesn't like cookies absolutely loved them." ~ Anonymous This Valentine’s Day, whisper “I love you” with a plateful of just-baked cookies. If you’re an experienced cook, how about sharing your knowledge and a cookie-baking afternoon with a young cook? Or if you’re a new cook baking on your own, let’s decode a simple but delicious cookie recipe step by step.Why this? Why that? The cookie-baking answers are here! BUTTER QUESTIONS Cookie recipes call for butter warmed to room temperature …