Asparagus Whole Wheat Bread Pudding

A rustic bread pudding made with whole wheat bread and studded with fat spears of asparagus and cheese, then brightened with fresh herbs and lemon zest. That's right – this is a savory bread pudding, perfect for a Mother's Day brunch menu or a weeknight spring supper. COMPLIMENTS! "... This was just excellent for Mother's Day ..." ~ Anonymous "This was delicious ... my "meat & potatoes" hubby ... went back for seconds ..." ~ Jane Small acts, too, express a mother’s love. Picture a mom with a baby in a stroller and a boy in hand near the Kirkwood train station. As a train rumbles round the bend, the mother squats, opening up her knee as a stool of perfect height for the four-year old, who hops right on. Picture a mom and daughter skipping hand-in-hand through Laumeier Sculpture Park. Picture front-yard baseball in Glendale, grandpa pitching, kids hitting, mom catching. Picture each, imagining moves as graceful as

Mom's Everyday Oatmeal Cookies

A basic recipe for oatmeal cookies, a great way to empty the pantry of leftover nuts and dried fruit, thus never the same twice! The day we lost my mother, my friend Ann asked, “What can I do?” Almost by instinct, I answered, “Come over. Bake cookies.” I knew the one recipe that might bring some comfort to my dad and sister and me – Mom’s oatmeal cookie recipe, the one she kept in her head and made again and again. In our family cookbook, she wrote, “This is the only cookie I make but they always turn out a little different. These are the cookies that cause the grandchildren to call Grandfather a ‘cookie monster’.” The next morning, Ann and her three-year old daughter moved into my kitchen, figuring out the flour bin and how to set an unfamiliar oven. Shortly, the house filled with life again – the kitchen busy-ness, the laughter of a child, the aroma of just-baked oatmeal cookies, all warm and cinnamon-y. What a gift, those cookies, never to be forgotten. I remembered t

Mom's Roast Chicken With All the Trimmings

My mother's recipe for roast chicken with all the trimmings (stuffing! chicken gravy!), first published in Kitchen Parade in 1965 - in print, naturally. It belongs to a special collection of Mom's recipes, Kitchen Parade by Shirley published to celebrate Kitchen Parade's 50th anniversary. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ In Mom's Own Words “A roast chicken with all the trimmings rates high on the list of everybody’s favorite meals. So many of the younger homemakers are afraid to roast a chicken. It sounds so complicated and so much fuss. It really isn’t. The secret is to have a stuffing recipe that everyone likes so that preparation time is cut to the minimum. This may not be so easy. Some times two adults have completely different ideas of good poultry stuffing. It took me seven years to achieve one that my husband and I like. Maybe you’ll like it too.” ~ Kitchen Parade, circa 1965 Sunday Dinners Across the Years In my mother’s childhood, Sunday dinn