Gingerbread Muffins

There's so much to love about these quick and easy muffins. That deep molasses sweetness, just like hot squares of fresh gingerbread. That they're low-fat and low-calorie (thanks to half the butter in typical muffin recipes) yet still keep a moist and delicate crumb. Plus, they're made in a flash with a few pantry ingredients. But most of all, they just taste good. What's NOT to love? ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ COMPLIMENTS! "YUMMY." ~ Roberta "They are wonderful!" ~ Anonymous "... delicious!" ~ Sabina BEST RECIPES! Gingerbread Muffins Made the List! Best Recipes of 2003 Muffin Wakeup Call BZZZZZZ. The alarm buzzed with insistence until groping fingers located the snooze button. Still half-asleep, my mind began to sketch out a typical busy Saturday. Exercise! I promised. Then stops at the grocery, the shoe man, the car wash. A birthday present for a friend, flowers for a neighbor with cancer. I checked the

My Perfect (Unsweet, Unboozy) Sangria

At last, perfect for summer parties, a big pitcher of dry sangria that's fruity and refreshing, not cloyingly sweet and dizzyingly boozy. For anyone who's ever been turned off by sangria, this recipe will be a revelation. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ This recipe is so quick and easy that I'm adding it to a special collection of easy summer recipes published every summer since 2009. Watch for new "summer easy" recipes all summer long! With a free e-mail subscription , you'll never miss a one! COMPLIMENTS! "Everyone (including myself) loved it and it was gone in no time ..." ~ Dawn BEST RECIPES! My Perfect Sangria Made the List! Best Recipes of 2009 Sangria: Idea vs Reality In my life, the idea of sangria has always outsold the reality. I idealized a tall glass of Spanish wine served cold and spicy on a steamy summer’s day. The sorry reality: a cloyingly sweet wine punch with so much alcohol that a glassfu