And the River Was Like Glass:
A September 11th Remembrance

Life Goes On The river was perfectly still, like glass, early the morning of September 11th. I'd been home for a few days. My mother had begun to lose motor control of her right leg. We feared this meant the lung cancer for which she'd been treated in the spring had metastasized into her brain.Our day was already full. Despite the leg problem, Mom was hosting a luncheon for friends at noon. Afterwards other friends would join up for a presentation about one of her many craft passions, scrapbooking.We'd already had our first cup of tea when Dad turned on CNN to hear the morning news. The first plane – a small plane, they said at first – had just hit the World Trade Center. We sat down to learn more. In horror, we watched the second plane hit the South Tower, understanding, instantly, that these strikes were no accident. We sat, mesmerized, horrified, in tears.At 10, the first call came. "Is lunch still on?" I looked at my mom. Without hesitation, she answered, &qu…

Summer Appetizer:
Creamy Ricotta with
Tomato-Cucumber-Corn Salad

A quick and easy summery salad, a simple tomato and cucumber salad, with fresh corn kernels added for good measure, served almost as a relish over homemade ricotta. Make it a part of your long weekend?! See you on the other side of summer, all! This recipe is so quick and easy
that I'm adding it to a special collection of easy summer recipes
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So who's inspired to make ricotta by yesterday’s recipes for Homemade Ricotta? Let me add a little extra inspiration – er, let's be honest here – a little extra “temptation”.You see, once the ricotta’s in the fridge, the ideas seem to pour forth.For me, it started with choosing Creamy Ricotta instead of goat cheese for the Savory Peach Appetizer that helped stave off hunger when dinner ran late. The next night, leftover ricotta and leftover tomato-cucumber salad called to me …

How to Make Homemade Ricotta:
Skinny or Creamy or Something In Between

How to make ricotta cheese at home, with just pantry ingredients and a few minutes. I've made "Skinny Ricotta" with 2% milk and lemon juice for many years but have just recently begun to make "Creamy Ricotta" with a mixture of whole milk, cream and buttermilk. Here are all the in's and out's to make every batch a success.

A Little Extra That Makes All the Difference. Just Three or Four Ingredients. Great for Meal Prep. Low Carb. Naturally Gluten Free.
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stuff we could easily buy
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Why Make What We Can Easily Buy?Why, some times, do we make stuff so easily purchased?Convenience. (Yes, when milk and lemons or buttermilk are already on hand, it’s easier to make homemade ricotta than to make a spe…