Upside-Down Rhubarb Cheesecake

Layers of fresh or frozen rhubarb and cheesecake, that luscious combination of rhubarb-sour and cheesecake-creamy. Make it in a simple pie plate or in cute mini ramekins. Either way, it's spring! Time to break out the rhubarb! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ Babying the Rhubarb We’re babying a tiny rhubarb plant, a much-prized Canadian Red transported last summer from Minnesota-black dirt. It barely survived last year's hotter’n’hades Missouri summer but is so small, even an Iowa boy weeding the garden didn’t recognize the small heart-shaped leaves on graceful red stalks. So until Missouri rhubarb shows up in the markets, I’m using up last year’s frozen rhubarb, here with a recipe I’ve had my eye on for more than a year. Usually those recipes just never get made – I am so glad this one finally did! The recipe is as much deconstructed cheesecake as it is upside down cheesecake. There are two barely sweet layers, one of fruit and another of cheesecake dusted with gin

Perfect Thick Pork Chops

Have you heard the news? The pork chop is getting a makeover, starting with a new name, four new names, to be exact. Whatever pork chops are called now, I've got the recipe for cooking a thick pork chop, turning out juicy, perfectly cooked meat every time. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ BEST RECIPES! Perfect Thick Pork Chops were one of 2013's "Best Recipes"! Best Recipes of 2013 Pity the Poor Pork Chop. Pity the poor pork chop, it’s getting a makeover. Remember when prunes became “dried plums”? And the dolphinfish was renamed “mahi mahi”? The Chinese gooseberry transformed into “kiwifruit”? Rapeseed oil became “canola”? And GORP became “trail mix”? These foods had genuine name problems and yes, we’ve adjusted. (Last year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration nixed the Corn Refiners Association’s unconscionable proposal to rename the evil high-fructose corn syrup the wholesome-sounding “corn sugar”. Good move, people, a rose is a rose is