Peach-Pie Pudding:
It’s Peach Pie Without the Crust

Anyone else happy to save both time and calories? I thought maybe so! That means Peach-Pie Pudding (say that three times!) is for you. It's all the glory that is summer’s very best peach pie, except without the crust! (Added benefit! And without turning on the oven!) ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ What's the "State of Pie" in America? SPOILER It won't surprise you. Four years ago, we drove across six states in a pickup on a pie odyssey, seeking out fresh homemade pie in small-town cafes, roadside truckstops and local dives. I’m sad to report, there’s just one word for the “state of pie in America”: abysmal. ABYSMAL! We stuck our forks into one forgettable pie after another. It was only the last night, at a pricey white-tablecloth place where the pastry was worth every single calorie. Now I make a mean pie crust (à la How to Make Flaky Tender Pie Crust ) – and I do, for special occasions – but mostly, really, it is better to avoid the carbs and t

Canada's Bloody Mary: The Bloody Caesar

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian family and the many Kitchen Parade readers from all across Canada! Americans looking for an quick and fun (and easy!) way to toast our good neighbors to the north might consider a Canadian cocktail called a "Bloody Caesar." It's Canada's own Bloody Mary and uses "Clamato" instead of tomato juice, here's my recipe! This recipe is so quick and easy that I'm adding it to a special collection of easy summer recipes . Watch for new 'summer easy' recipes all summer long. With a free e-mail subscription , you'll never miss a one! “MyFace and Spacebook,” said the grandmother-looking woman with a shake of her gray head. “I just don’t get it, why do you people have your faces in your telephones all the time?” Why, indeed, is the question. The answer is, there’s a certain addiction to being “connected” all day, all the time, often shutting out the ones within touching distance. It’s so easy t