Pumpkin Spice Lattes

The Recipe: Seeing pumpkin everywhere you turn? It's that time of year! Here's a great way to make spur-of-the-moment Pumpkin Spice Lattes with hand-mixed Pumpkin Pie Spice (my recipe includes cardamom), a frothy pumpkin-y "coffee creamer" and strong coffee. Weight Watchers, you're going to love this one, so good, just 110 calories and 3 PointsPlus! The Conversation: Meet Christina Lane of the St. Louis food blog, Dessert for Two! So the first time I met Christina Lane, we met up in a local coffee shop. She'd be the one, she forewarned, who looks "about twelve". And she almost does – cute as a button , as they say! But in fact, Christina is a real-live grown-up with big ambition , a cookbook deal and an eye for food photography. She also has a compelling blog concept, Dessert for Two , small-scale, miniature versions of favorite (and soon-to-be-favorite) sweets. Within minutes of our first sips of coffee, I knew I'd be sending A Vegg

Easy Beef Kabobs:
On & Off the Grill in Twenty Minutes

The Recipe: Chunks of tender beef kabobs cooked on the grill where an almost-sweet glaze forms on the surface of the meat, we call it "meat bark" and it's irresistible! On the side, serve Grilled Zucchini Kabobs and Grilled New-Potato Kabobs. The timing is perfect: the zucchini go on first, then the par-boiled new potatoes and finally the beef kabobs. In twenty minutes, they all come off at the same time, perfectly cooked! Great party food but easy enough for a weeknight supper too. These recipes are so quick and easy that I'm adding them to a special collection of easy summer recipes published every summer since 2009. This is the last of new "Summer Easy" recipes for 2014. It's been fun! Here you go, one of my very favorite meals for the grill! Just prep everything in the morning, chances are good you can make the whole meal from pantry ingredients. Then start putting the food onto a hot grill about 20 minutes before serving. Yes, it