Picadillo (Cuban Ground Beef Skillet Supper)

The Recipe: An easy fall supper, when the sun sets early and the evenings begin to cool. “Cuban” is a new cuisine for me. Until now, I’ve fixated on the “Cubano” – a wonderful pork and ham sandwich hot sandwich with pickles and mustard that I’ve found impossible to perfect at home, despite many tries. So I was most happy to discover Picadillo which goes together quickly with pantry ingredients. It’s homey comfort food. Around the World in 365 Days with Beef Recipes. That’s my life, thanks to a freezer full of beef.Truth be told, last spring I probably snapped pictures of what was then a newborn calf anxious for its momma’s udder. It was raised in a small herd by dear friends on the farm next to a country place where we spend much outdoor time. Truth be told, I ignore the ear tags, I don’t want to know which one’s slated for our freezer.It’s a trick, working your way through so much beef. First off, you stop ordering beef out because the meat you have at home is just too good – and besi…

Recipe Highlight: Roasted Roma Tomato Dip

Over the weekend, I slow-roasted a whole tray of Roma tomatoes from the garden. Last year, one fan last year called Roasted Roma Tomatoes "tomato candy"!And then? I mixed a quick Roasted Roma Tomato Dip, just one way to use the roasted tomatoes. So good! Here's how to roast Roma tomatoes, Roasted Roma Tomatoes, including the Roasted Roma Tomato Dip.
ABOUT THIS "RECIPE HIGHLIGHT" This is the first of a very occasional series of posts that highlights an adaptation of a Kitchen Parade recipe from years past. I love re-using and re-purposing my favorite recipes in new ways. I hope you do too! FYI I've closed the comments on this page but would love to hear from you on the original page. Please do chime in there, at Roasted Roma Tomatoes.

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One Quick Tip: How to Freeze Stock in Glass Canning Jars

Okay so you've finally made chicken stock. It was no big deal, right? But then what?! How do you store chicken stock for using later?
Just strain your chicken stock into glass canning jars and freeze the jars. Yep, you read that right. Freeze chicken stock in glass jars! I've been doing it for two, maybe three years. It really works.
And naturally, the same technique also works for vegetable stock, beef stock, shrimp stock and any other kind of stock you can make! ~ Skip Straight to the Details ~

Once Upon a TimeEvery few days, I carefully ladled still-warm chicken stock, beef stock, seafood stock and other stocks into quart-size freezer bags, then oh-so-carefully, arranged them flat in the freezer to freezer. Ha! I see that in this long how-to post for chicken stock, I even show a freezer bag full of stock!Trouble was? Despite all my careful work, the whole process was messy: filling the bags, freezing the bags, even thawing the bags.Trouble was? Those bags had to be closed ju…