Mom’s Perfect Biscuits

The family biscuit recipe, perfected by three generations of fine biscuit makers and one persistent food blogger. The secret ingredient? One egg. COMPLIMENTS! "WOW. You.Nailed.It." ~ My #1 Biscuit Taster "... best biscuits in the entire history of my LIFE." ~ Jackson, age 6 "... best biscuits in the whole WORLD!" ~ Jerome, age 6, not to be outdone by his twin brother "... pleased with the outcome." ~ Pat Y. "It's a regular biscuit factory around here." So noticed My #1 Biscuit Taster a couple of weeks ago when the umpteenth batch of biscuits emerged from the oven. You see, I come from a family of biscuit makers. My mom's biscuits were heavenly. My sister's biscuits – well, let's just say that if our mom were still around, it'd be a biscuit-toss between the two of them. But me? Until now, my biscuits have been passable but unexceptional. For longer than I've kept notes, I experimented wi

Recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash & Apple

Such familiar ingredients, just butternut squash cut in cubes, chopped apples, maple syrup and warm fall spices. Yet somehow these easy, fall roasted vegetables create unexpected layers of flavor and color. And isn't this one of the prettiest vegetable dishes to ever hit a table?! Roasted Butternut Squash & Apple is festive for special occasions like Thanksgiving but simple enough for weekend suppers too. Real Food, Fresh & Seasonal. Perfect for Fall and Winter. Budget Friendly. Especially Pretty on a Buffet. Weeknight Simple, Weekend Special. Easily Converted to Vegan.

Thick Chops with Sauerkraut & Apples

Thick-cut pork chops cooked tender in a bed of sauerkraut, apple and onion. This is one of my very oldest recipes, it's a fall favorite year in and year out. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ Never Under- or Overcook Meat Again This year’s favorite new kitchen tool is a digital thermometer [ My Disclosure Promise ]. Before now, poke-it-in-every-so-often meat thermometers only rarely, ahem, produced perfectly cooked meat. Mine came from Santa. Who knew that Santa shops at my local kitchen shop here in suburban St. Louis?! It has a heat-resistant cord that connects the temperature probe to a digital display. While the meat cooks, the probe stays inserted while the display rests nearby away from the heat, whether the stove, the oven, even the grill. No more is there cause to poke holes in the meat, releasing precious flavor and moisture. No more must the grill or oven door be opened, releasing precious heat. There’s even an alarm when the meat reaches the specified temp