Blueberry Cake

The Recipe: A moist simple cake dolloped with gently cooked fresh blueberries that turn thick and jammy in the oven. No mixer required! The Conversation: There are so-so many old-fashioned blueberry cakes, many with funny names! What should I call mine? Spoiler Alert: I'm going with plain Blueberry Cake. ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ What to Call This Blueberry Dessert? This easy blueberry cake / blueberry dessert needs a name! I consulted the dictionary of all the summer fruit desserts – aka Serious Eats – and remain thoroughly confounded. But I did learn what my blueberry cake is NOT. What It's Not Blueberry cobbler – with its biscuit topping Blueberry crisp – with its crumb topping Blueberry betty – with its buttered breadcrumb topping Blueberry buckle – where the berries sink to the bottom Blueberry boy bait – so good! with its cake-y texture Blueberry coffeecake – I love Mom's Blueberry Coffeecake , also more cake-y Blueberry sl

Coconut Cream Pie

Wow, who knew people would go so crazy for a classic coconut cream pie?! So here's my recipe, the one that moves grown men to silence. It has a creamy coconut-milk filling topped with either whipped cream or lofty meringue. Just in time for Father's Day and summer gatherings! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~ "... I Must've Done Something Good ..." We all recognize the line, right? the one from The Sound of Music, that magical scene when the Captain and Maria realize the miracle of finding one another? (Need a reminder? Here it is on YouTube .) I so love that scene! And yes, I relate, thanks to this guy .) But when I think of the "good" I might've done since my now 91-year old father came to live with us more than a year ago, #PieDayFriday ranks right up there. It was exactly a year ago on Father's Day weekend that the idea of homemade pie every Friday reached up and grabbed me by the rolling pin. Fifty-two pies later, it's st