Raspberry Morning Cake

Easy Bundt cake recipe, buttery and moist, studded with berries. Inexpensive to make too since it uses frozen fruit. Very pretty on a plate. Barely sweet, so perfect as brunch cake or my favorite, as dessert, served with coffee. Before Mother’s Day, the big downtown farmers market is awash with fresh flowers of all colors, just as the folk shopping there week after week for price and freshness includes Moms of all stripes. There’s the suburban Mom sporting a trim wicker basket, hair just blown, feet just pedicured in chic sandals. There’s the soccer Mom with a mini-vanful of kids, some even her own, hair pulled back, feet in Keds. There’s the mother-in-law Mom recently arrived from Russia to join her son and his American family, hair off-red, feet in heel-worn laced oxfords. There’s the new Mom with an infant Bjorned on her chest, hair barely combed, feet in flip flops. There’s the Muslim Mom, hair veiled in an elegant hijab, feet in Adidas. There’s the love-generation Mom carrying clo…

Plant Sale Soup

A hearty hamburger soup recipe with beans, vegetables and pasta, great for feeding a crowd. Wondering about the name, Plant Sale Soup? You've got to admit, it's an unusual name for a soup! This is the soup that the Webster Groves Herb Society feeds its volunteers during its annual spring plant sale! ~ Skip Straight to the Recipe ~

"We loved this soup! ... homey and comforting and hearty and delicious." ~ Felicia"... it was INCREDIBLE! Definitely making this again." ~ WendyAdd yours, leave a comment, below!
My Little "Farm" ... In Herb PotsDo farmers and home vegetable gardeners feel as proud picking fresh corn and tomatoes from their gardens as I do snipping herbs from pots?Lucky for home cooks, fresh herbs are sold year-round in grocery stores, convenient albeit expensive.But now’s the perfect time to plant a few herbs in sunny spots, either in the ground or in pots.From now through frost, you too can experience a primal pleasure when …

Sole with Mushrooms & Onions

For the last few weeks, nearby churches have hosted fund-raiser fish fries on Friday nights. By six o’clock, the kitchens bustled with volunteers and the parish halls echoed with conversation and laughter.Friday Fish. It can hit just the right note on spring nights, even after Easter. It’s lighter than the heavy stews and braised meats of winter, like doffing the heavy coat for a light jacket. And it’s quick to prepare and cook, letting us linger outside as the days lengthen.There, the cool evening air, warmed by afternoon sunshine, beckons. Even mowing the fast-growing grass is a pleasure. In the garden, plants muscle their way out of the dirt. Many need dividing, or moving, still others seem slow to appear, causing worry about winter damage.Ahhhh, spring.This easy fish dish spends 20 minutes in the oven – time enough to cook a vegetable and make a salad – and comes out moist and flavorful.So spend a few minutes a-bustle in your own kitchen then recruit a table-setter and call the f…